Monday, 30 March 2020

Missing the contact

I know people keep comparing the present situation to wartime, and saying our grandparents had it worse and they coped.  Well yes, there are some similarities, and I'm sure the war killed a damn sight more people.  

But there's one big difference - during the war, people could meet each other, they could get together and hug and chat and have fun together.  We can't - except via technology.  And that's what I'm missing the most - seeing and hugging friends and family.   It's really got to me the last day or 2 and I've had a few tears.

I'm sure we all feel the same.


  1. Also, I know there was fear but not of something invisible and we just don't know, until it all dies down, how many people this is going to kill all over the world. I suspect it will be a lot more than in either world war, to be honest.
    I agree, it is the lack of social contact that is so very hard. It's easier to be brave when you're part of an encouraging group - people you can hug, smile at, hold hands . . . and that makes it extremely hard, mentally.

    Thank heaven for social media!

  2. I heard yesterday that a friend has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it is so awful not to be able to see her and give her a hug. Try to keep your spirits up. It is so hard but in a way we owe it to the people who have died from this dreadful disease to get through. I am starting the day by mixing a cake then the dreaded ironing! I must go out for a walk too as I missed the last couple of days.

  3. My family are all phoning regularly to check their poor old Mum up the end of the lane on her own is OK! It's lovely, and I see photos of the grandchildren on whats app, so will get through,
    Chin Up, shoulders back - stiff upper lip and all that!!

  4. I am normally a chatty person when out in the village, but now I cross the road and shout a brief hello from the other side. I am finding that hard.

  5. I think we will all have days where it seems too much and then we kick ourselves up the bottom and get on with things. I felt quite down yesterday, I’m missing my daughter. We FaceTime her each day though, so have contact. Still, today’s another day and the sun is still out! :)

  6. Here is a thought. You have your blog which people do read, yes ? So YOU are doing something towards all this. YOU are providing " entertainment " ....a distraction for these times.

    Big yourself up ! Its also a way YOU are reaching out to loads of people. Maybe even post more pictures ? Of the dog ( cos people who don'thave pets themselves ADORE them ) Of your crafting.

    YOU are contributing, honestly. Stay safe.


  7. Good morning Sooze.. this is a virtual hug to start your day. Tony has gone back to work and I am really missing my morning walks with my friend. We are all in this together and one day when it passes we will look back on these strange times and forget the isolation that we are currently enduring. Stay safe. x

  8. I was awake half last night worrying about my family. Daughter is expecting our first grandchild in early June, and I suddenly thought "How will she get to the hospital? Her husband doesn't drive, she'll be too busy to drive, there'll be no taxis, what will happen in hospital, will she and baby be safe from the virus in hospital, what about post-natal care?" That way lies madness! I'm trying to focus on the day when this is all over and we can meet up with family and friends for one huge hug. Till then, we just have to make contact as best we can. Trying hard not to let it get to me, but it's a struggle some days. I feel for those who are isolating on their own, or have loved ones desperately ill in hospital and they can't see them, and those whose loved ones have died and they can't have a proper funeral. Sending you a virtual hug, Sooze. Please keep posting, and we'll keep replying. xx

  9. If we did not have our garden I would be crawling up the walls by now. I am in contact with siblings and daughters and grandsons most days, but you are right it's not enough.

  10. I know how you feel, it is certainly the social contact I am missing the most. Take care and stay safe.

  11. I'm missing just walking in the countryside with my dogs and feeling free.I panic not knowing when and if it shall ever be back to normal.My dogs are not at all happy and I feel so guilty because they blame me.Perhaps it will get better sooner than expected after all x


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