Friday, 13 March 2020

Sometimes officialdom does get it right

We had our official interview yesterday, following on from Monday's debacle when I wanted to punch someone.  The woman (well, she was more of a girl really) clearly had no idea what she was talking about, wouldn't admit that they were wrong, just kept bleating about company policy.

Yesterday, by contrast, we had a department manager who knew what she was doing, was efficient and helpful and put everything right.  She admitted there'd been errors on their part, apologised, then efficiently and without fuss set up exactly what we wanted.  All done and dusted, so one big headache now out of the way.

Husband will be out all morning, so it's just me and the dog here.  I did briefly (for about 2 seconds) consider spending the morning in bed reading, but that's just not me really.  So I'm going to do some baking, which is something I haven't done for weeks - nothing very exciting, just cheese scones and brownies, and make soup for lunch.  Dinner will be chilli, a homemade one pulled out of the freezer, with spicy wedges and salad, so nothing to do there.  Will do some cardmaking this afternoon.  A nice easy day to build up my depleted reserves.

We're well stocked up with food, toiletries, dog food etc, so don't need to go shopping anytime soon.  We're not planning on going anywhere where there's loads of people, if we do go anywhere it'll be to our favourite's actually forecast to be more Spring-like and settled weather next week.  That beach isn't crowded, especially this time of year - there are no shops or arcades for a start so nothing for tourists to do.  We're not self-isolating, just being sensible.


  1. Glad your problem is sorted. I expect the first person was a trainee....
    I'm not a stayer-in-bed but just recently haven't felt like doing anything, but when something goes right like you I feel like doing something. Cheese scones and homemade soup sound wonderful.
    Yes where I live here in Somerset I'm going to be sensible.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. All you need is that one person who knows what they're doing! That's one weight off your mind at least. Enjoy your day, pottering and doing stuff just for you, him and Betty. The best sort of days - busy doing nothing! xx

  3. Phew, thank goodness. I'm just sorry you had the earlier unpleasant experience.

  4. I'm not self isolating just yet, but being very careful about where I go. I don't like crowds, prefer walking in the countryside. I was thinking about going out tomorrow to a gallery and a flea market and craft show, but will not go now. I will go to town later when it quietens down, need some cat food and a few foodie items for me.

  5. Glad it all got sorted. That will be one less worry for you.

  6. What a relief for you, I am happy for you. I hope things continue in this way now. XOXO

  7. So glad you got your problem sorted out now, Sooze. Hope you enjoyed your pottering day :)


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