Monday, 16 March 2020

Crap night

There's a very bright moon - well, half moon - and lots of stars, it must be very cold out there, usually is when it's a clear night like that.

It's been one of those nights when I've been awake more than asleep.  Lots on my mind.  I can't just switch it off, wish I could.

Don't you wish people would just say things, rather than skirting round the issue or keeping quiet in the hope that it'll just go away?  I'm all for plain speaking and having everything out in the open - no room for ambiguity that way.  I'm feeling very vulnerable, unsure and confused right now.


  1. Well you and me both. I'm feeling very vulnerable at the moment too. I'm all for plain speaking too wish people would do it more often.

    Julie xxxxx

  2. I think it's just a shame that sometimes people can wrap up rudeness in a 'plain speaking' wrapper!
    I think we're all feeling vulnerable right now. It's a most uneasy situation all round. Not comfortable but that's how it is so I'm trying to roll with it and remain positive.

  3. At least you know where you are if people tell it to you straight. I, too, couldn't get to sleep last night. Could have slept on this morning though! Have a good day, and try to forget your troubles for a while. xx

  4. Hope you get to the beach and enjoy the fresh air

  5. The problem with plain speaking is that sometimes people take you the wrong way. I tend to say what I think and Tom understands me but a lot of people don't.
    You sound like me with your head full, I simply find it so hard to switch off. Tom goes to bed and promptly falls asleep, I'm still working things over in my mind.

  6. hope tonight's a better night for you. Hugs x


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