Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Things aren't so bad

Thank you for all the supportive comments yesterday, today is another day.

I had a lovely long catch up with my best friend via technology yesterday, it did a power of good, I feel heaps better today (thank you M 😃😘).  WhatsApp chats with my siblings too, which was brilliant.  How we would manage without technology I don't know.  Speaking of which, the printer cartridge needs changing....having never done it before, I'm not looking forward to that but I expect it's easy enough, I just need to read the instructions and put my Big Girl's Pants on.

We're very lucky in comparison with so many others, I really need to remember that.  Both of us are in relative good health (we don't have any virus signs, I mean), being on fixed State and private pensions means we aren't affected financially, our landlord has suspended the planned rent increase until the crisis is over.  We're actually saving money by not driving anywhere.....and no days out means we're not spending anything.  We're not totally isolated, going out to walk Betty means we still see neighbours....albeit from a distance, just waving and a brief shouted from a distance conversation.  Husband does go dogwalking with a neighbour and his dog every afternoon, but they keep a safe distance apart (the dogs haven't had the memo though!).  

And all this spare time means we have the opportunity to get on with jobs that have been overlooked or put off.  Husband is now finally finishing off the work in the front garden that he started way back last year - laying a patio and relaying the paths, the bad autumn and winter weather put paid to that and it was half finished and looking a mess.  He hadn't got round to starting again, until I asked him nicely to get on with it 😉

Today I'm making jam - not that we eat a lot of jam, hardly ever in fact, but it's useful to have a few jars of homemade jam, they make nice gifts.  I need to use up the last of our homegrown blackcurrants that have been in the freezer since last summer.

Oh, and thank you to Ann and Lexie for your suggestions for antler chews for Betty.  We have in fact got her those in the past, not recently though and I'd completely forgotten about them.  Yesterday when we went to pick up our click and collect grocery order (waste of time really, so many 'out of stock' and substitutions with things that I wouldn't normally buy, I won't be doing that again), I went in the pet shop and got an antler.  It kept Betty occupied for a full hour yesterday, and it will last for weeks.  The field behind us has been ploughed now....well, they'll be finishing it off today, then seeding it, they grow animal feed in a couple of days she'll be able to be off the lead and running around it again.  

And to make me feel even better.....there was a lovely sunrise today.

Keep safe everyone, and count our blessings.


  1. Oh I know that feeling. I have never put cartridge inks in either and I've got to do the same soon...... I usually chicken out and get someone do it for me!

    Enjoy making the jam

    Julie xxx

  2. A shame the click and collect was so disappointing because it's a great idea - in theory!

  3. If your printer is similar to mine, changing the cartridge is easy. Just pull the old one out and click the new one in. I'm planning on making a poster to thank NHS and key workers, to put in my window. Just been to Tesco, most shelves are reasonably stocked now, although flour, pasta, rice isn't available. Did get some toilet rolls though! Woohoo! Who'd have thought we'd get excited about toilet rolls? xx

  4. Apart from not going out its not that bad is it? like you we are saving money. I love the quiet and no cars but again like you it doesn't affect us that much as we have no jobs on the line.
    Stay safe

  5. It makes me smile to know you are feeling better , you sound better and it uplifts me.

  6. Hi Sooze thanks for the reminder about antler chews. My Dexter loves them but more so enjoys watching them fall off the deck. Now we don’t live with the deck anymore I will have to get out in the forest and get some deer antlers. Hope you all are doing well. Jean from Canada

  7. Shame about the click and collect it seemed such a good idea. Take care.

  8. Yesterday I left a few items on a friend and neighbours doorstep as she is self iso!ating.I said there was no need to pay and a jar of jam later on would be lovely instead.Anyway today the lady phoned and insisted on paying and she popped a £5 note through my letterbox and left a jar of pickle onions on my doorstep as she walked past on her daily walk with her dog x


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