Sunday 1 May 2022


 Discovered I didn't have any new potatoes left, must have used them up during the week and forgot.  I did have a bagful of jacket potatoes though, so I baked the whole lot, 10 in all.  We had a small one each with our salmon (as the oven was on I foil wrapped it and roasted it instead of frying) and lots of salad - I thinned some mayo down with lemon juice to dress the salad, it was lovely.  The rest of the jacket spuds I've wrapped individually and frozen, they take just a couple of minutes to heat through in the microwave, or a few minutes in the oven if it's on for something else.

Husband did pretty well selling at the boot sale, he brought back just 5 things, he was happy with the amount he made, a bit over £150 I think.  I read my book for a couple of hours.  Husband had put Betty's travel cage in the garden, as he needed the space in the car for all his junk - Betty got in her cage and snoozed all afternoon in the garden.

It's drizzling today, the garden is just drinking it up.  Pity it's blanket cloud cover though, makes it look so gloomy and grey.  We're going to my best friend's this afternoon for Sunday lunch, that'll be nice, plus it means I get a day off of cooking.

Just done a Covid test each, to be on the safe of our neighbours has just tested positive again, for the 2nd time in 3 or 4 months.  So many of our little hamlet have had Covid now, it still amazes me that we haven't caught it.  I did read in the news a few weeks back that scientists are trying to discover why some people have Covid more than once, yet others don't catch it at all.  For us, I think it's because we don't socialise much, hardly ever go into anyone's houses, don't go out for meals with anyone, and when we do go out for the very occasional coffee, we always sit outside.  We haven't been to the cinema or any big events since before the pandemic, and when we go shopping or anywhere there are lots of people, we still wear masks.  My brother had Covid the week before last, for 2 days in the middle of it he felt very poorly and stayed in bed, the rest of the time he said it was just a cold really.  He seems to have recovered fairly quickly.....his wife didn't get infected, strangely, despite not sleeping in another room - she said she was hoping to catch it and get it over with, but it didn't happen.

I'm feeling ready to go back to the caravan again, think we'll stay a bit longer this time.  We can't go until Friday though.  Husband has to do 3 days of record keeping from tomorrow - recording the quantity he wees and how many times he goes, along with everything he drinks....for the prostate and bladder tests he has to go and have on Thursday.  And Betty is going to the groomers for her bath and nail clipping on Wednesday.  I was due to go to the chiropodist on Wednesday too but have cancelled it - she's put her prices up 3 times in the 3 years I've been going to her.  I don't begrudge her putting her fees up, everyone has to make a living and she's had to buy so much protective stuff for Covid.  However, in view of food, fuel and energy prices rising so dramatically, we have to make savings somewhere, so the chiropodist is a luxury I can no longer afford.  The caravan is hugely important to me, well to both of us, and the site fees are a big I've mentioned before, I have the fees for the next year up until 2 June 2023 saved up already, but will definitely find it harder to save after that, if the economy carries on as it is.  So we have to prioritise where our money goes.


  1. Whenever we have jacket potatoes, I always cook lots and freeze them, too. We've managed to escape Covid as well, but like you we don't socialise much and mask up whenever we go into anywhere! I don't know if it's still the case, but my Mum was diabetic and got her chiropody on the NHS. Might be worth asking the GP. xx

  2. In think this is the way that I will be doing jacket potatoes in the future, a big bulk cook of a bagful at a time. It's the only way to get a lovely slow cooked potato whenever you want at the fraction of the cooking time when you freeze and microwave them. Although I will have to beg five minutes of Alan's microwave time as I don't have one ;-)

    I smiled at the idea of Betty snoozing in her crate in the garden, it shows how happy she is in it.

  3. I'm another one copying your idea of cooking jacket potatoes en masse and freezing them; a brilliant idea.
    Prices are rising week on week now, very noticeable with food that is bought regularly and I have switched to cheaper brands for several items (though I will be going back to my favourite teabags when these cheaper ones have gone!). Just reading on Hester's blog how the gas refills have increased, so I guess you will find that at the caravan.

  4. Your supper sounds lovely - definitely my sort of meal.

    I agree with you about the economic situation - just back from Morrisons & Aldi. It seems as if nearly everything has either increased in price, is a smaller packet, or both. But if your wife has a personal fortune greater than that of The Queen (and allegedly avoids tax on most of it) I guess you have no ruddy idea what it is like to be an ordinary person and see your cost of living rise exponentially. Grrrrr. 🤬 🤯 😡

  5. Do you have any mobile chiropodists in your area, that come to your house? They could be less expensive as they don't have as many outgoings.

  6. I've never thought of doing jacket potatoes in bulk, what a very good idea. Thank you!

    That's a very good outcome from a car boot sale, isn't it. Well done. xx


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