Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Busy to keep anxiety at bay

 Our meals for the past couple of weeks have been mostly functional rather than proper imaginative cooking, because I just haven't felt like it.  And my appetite has waned too, several times I just haven't finished my dinner.  We've eaten quite a few ready-cooked meals from the freezer (another good reason to cook extra and freeze meals, so I don't have to cook from scratch all the time), with the addition of some fresh veg if we have it, or frozen.  So my stock of frozen ready-cooked meals has depleted.  So today and tomorrow, I shall be making a few more, as we're off to the caravan for a week or so from Friday.

Today I'm doing meatballs.....not homemade, they're frozen readymade ones, but I'll be making double or treble quantity of a tomato and veg sauce to go with them, freezing the rest (there are plenty of these bought meatballs in the freezer).  We have packet noodles here and in the caravan to accompany them.  Tomorrow I'll do another big batch of savoury mince, we all know how versatile that is, it can be turned into any number of meals.  I'll make some cookies and cheese biscuits as well - I must set the timer though, because my mind and memory have been AWOL recently.  I made a batch of flapjacks last week and totally forgot they were in the oven, so it came out like a brown solid brick, inedible and thrown away, what a waste of ingredients.

Our fridge in the van is a slightly smaller than normal sized under the counter one, with an icebox - I particularly wanted an icebox so we could keep frozen meals from home, small packets of peas and chips, and ice cubes of course.  The icebox does cut down on the space in the main part of the fridge though, which means we do have to go food shopping during longer stays in the van.  So we've bought one of those little table top 'beer' fridges, we can keep the butter, cheese, husband's beer and my juice in it, freeing up more space in the main fridge.

Landlord has now told us that we'll be having the new roof in about 3 weeks, the windows will be done in August, so at least now we know so can arrange to stay at the van then.  The roof should take 2 or 3 days, the windows 1 or 2 days.  I just hope the workmen won't trample all over my flower beds when they're putting the scaffolding up.  I have lots of pots by the house walls, I'll have to move them all back out of the way.

Have just noticed there's a big patch of lemon balm in the front corner flower bed - it's so intrusive and fast growing, every year I pull it up and each year it comes back again.  It does smell nice (and obviously can be used in cooking) but it's such a rampant thug, it smothers everything, so that's got to come out today.

Anxiety and stress is swamping me again, so I need to keep busy.


  1. What a blessing to have the caravan to disappear to while the work is being done. You're so organised with your batch cooking. It must be lovely to have homemade meals in the freezer for those days when you don't feel like cooking. I'm quite envious! xx

  2. Prayers…hope you get to caravan soon.

  3. So so so sorry u r not up to par…wish I lived there to help

  4. Just wondered if you had ever tried making a tea from your lemon balm. It helps support the nervous system and can be very calming. I combine it with vervain and chamomile if you want a deeply soothing tea. Some of my apprentices called it "I don't give a s***" tea because it chilled them out for such a long time. To make a tea, steep 2 tsps of dried herb or 2 tblsp of fresh herb in a small cafatiere of just boiled water for ten minutes. Strain and sip.


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