Monday, 23 May 2022

Poor sister, and poor birds

 The scaffolder boss was as good as his word and did the 2 small outstanding jobs the roofers had left, nice man.  They took half of the scaffolding away with them, coming back for the rest today.  We need to pop into town, so will go when they're here, taking Betty with us (husband will wait in the car with her whilst I do the necessary in town), so we all have a break from the noise.  Husband has picked up loads of nails and screws from the garden, so at least he's got some supplies out of the mess left!

My sister is in hospital after a fall at home Saturday night - she went to the loo in the middle of the night, passed out and fell, hitting her head on the basin, fracturing her foot and chipping her front teeth.  No idea why she passed out, the hospital have done lots of tests.....she has MS, so could be something to do with that, or possibly low blood pressure.  They're keeping her in for a couple of days anyway, thankfully.  I'm quite worried about her, she's had a few strange ailments lately.  Her daughter sent me a photo of her mum yesterday, she's got a massive lump on her forehead where she hit the basin, and the entire side of her face is bruised.  The problematic family member has gone into self-absorbed panic mode - he makes a drama out of everything, and makes it all about him.  I'm ignoring him.

Ali from Less Equals More blog made sheet pan pancakes a few weeks ago - as it's baked on a tray in one big piece in the oven, it's far simpler than standing over the hob frying a few (American style) pancakes at a time - I'm all for simplicity and labour saving recipes.  I made mine blueberry and lemon and cooked it when the oven was on for dinner yesterday, once cooled I cut it into 8 squares and froze them, we'll have them for breakfasts reheated in the microwave, with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt.  I used wholemeal flour and less sugar in mine.  Thank you Ali.

I'm going to be making some cakes this week, to freeze and take with us to the caravan for Jubilee week, to share with our fellow vanners.

I'm all over the place emotionally right now, I don't know why, not sleeping well at all so that obviously isn't helping.  The messy state of my garden is getting me down, I can't wait for the rest of the scaffolding to go.  The lawn is not in a good state, all churned up by the roofers and scaffolders, dead patches where things have been stood on it, strange holes and tears everywhere.  And the roofers had to remove all the birds nests, to put up new guttering and fascias - house martin nests just under the eaves attached to the walls in the corners of the windows and sparrow nests in the gutters and just beneath the edge of the roof tiles.  The roofers said there weren't any baby birds in them - not sure I believe them about the sparrows, but the house martins had only just started rebuilding their nests from last year so they wouldn't have young yet.  The adult birds are all still flying around, obviously distressed, and that upsets me too.  Hopefully they'll be able to make new nests once the scaffolders have gone and the birds' confidence has returned.


  1. I hope your sister makes a full recovery and the cause of her fall is found and nothing serious. That pancake recipe idea sounds good. The garden will get sorted, the grass will grow and the house martins and sparrows will find a suitable nesting place. And you can escape to YOUR little nest whenever the mood takes you! xx

  2. Why can’t workers be more careful? Aggravating…to to your van and relax…sorry about your sister..l

  3. I hope your sister makes a full recovery. Shame about the nests - I had a row with a tree surgeon last spring - he was cutting a tree down in a neighbour's garden that clearly had at least one nest in it with young. I argued the point with them and they decided to come back in September, which they did, but even at that time the poor wood pigeons who roosted in the tree were flying in & out in mad panic, so I'm sure that still had young ones around, maybe a second or third lot.

  4. Gosh, I do hate it when workmen have to remove nests, fingers crossed the House Martins will either build new ones at yours or move somewhere safer ... and quieter.

  5. I can say ..I have fallen asleep whilst on the loo, but caught myself from falling off. ;) I know TMI.

  6. Oh my, I am so sorry that your sister had such a bad fall.

    God bless.

  7. Your poor sister and a big worry for you on top of everything else. (((hugs)))
    Hopefully, the birds will settle now that pace has been restored and you do have a shiny new roof out of it which must feel good.

    Happy cake making! xx


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