Friday 12 August 2022

Holidaying at home

 I'm so glad we came home yesterday evening.  I've just been outside to look at the garden thermometer - it's already 39 deg C in our front garden and will get even hotter this afternoon.  We have all the curtains closed, the windows shut at the front (south facing) side of the house and open at the back, where it stays cooler, being north facing.  The large upright fan is going and it's comfortably cool indoors at the moment.  The caravan would have been unbearable in this heat.  We're all in holiday mode and not planning on doing anything much today or over the weekend, just as if we'd been at the caravan still.  I've got quite a few homecooked ready meals in the freezer, so have no cooking to do - just microwaving and serving with salad.  Betty is happily snoozing in a cool spot indoors and seems very comfortable.

Our neighbours, a young couple, slept last night in their summer house in the garden (oh to be young and adventurous again! 😂), they thought it would be cooler than sleeping indoors.  Well, apparently they had to get up and go back indoors around 03.30 this morning as it was still too hot!

Aren't all the wildfires going on frightening?  The one in southern France in particular, apparently they've had to call in firefighters from 6 other countries to try and get it under control.  We're surrounded by fields and farmland here, the farmers must be worried sick, there have been several reported instances of local field fires and even farm machinery (combine harvesters etc) catching alight.  Crops are failing, so that'll mean shortages both for us and for animal feed during the winter, leading to ever higher prices.  All we can do is prepare as much as possible by getting in good store cupboard supplies.  I'm sure we'll be fine, we're fortunate, but many are not.

Husband's big toes aren't getting better as well as he'd hoped.....the nurse said this week that his toes are swollen and they're still weeping, despite it being almost 6 weeks since he had them done.  He's been in touch with the hospital to see if he can go back and see what the podiatrist thinks, they'll be ringing him early next week, hopefully.  He says they're a bit sore, but not exactly painful.


  1. Ouch, your poor hubbies toes have been a bit of a nuisance haven't they. Holidaying at home is a lovely idea, no travel costs and everything is familiar. That's what we are doing this year.

  2. Wow, 39 C is way too hot for me! We do the same, keep all the curtains at the front closed and open the doors and windows at the back. My daughter, SIL and grandson slept in their summerhouse when it was hot a few weeks ago. Last night they "camped" downstairs as it was too hot upstairs. We all have to do what we have to, to keep cool! I hope the farmers get some rain soon. The trouble is, with the ground being so hard and dry, much of it will just run off. Hope your husband's toes begin to improve soon. Does he remove the dressings and let the air get to them for a while? That might help. Stay cool. xx

  3. That is unbearable heat without AC. I hope you get relief soon. Your husband's feet are worrying. I hope he gets relief and you don't have new worries.

  4. A friend was booked to spend the weekend at a festival in her campervan. I've just heard they got to the site, drove in, drove around, and drove out again . . . no shade, no shelter, it would have been impossible. She is on her way home very disappointed and severely out of pocket.

    Here on the edge of the Lake District it was 29 degrees inside the house at lunchtime, and that's with all windows open and the curtains drawn.

    I think you have done the right thing having your holiday at home, and hope the next few days are not too uncomfortable for any of you.

  5. We had a field fire just over the road and one field away - lots of sirens, police and fire engines and, thankfully, they got it all under control. Some homes were evacuated but not me or my neighbours.

    I just wonder how it started.

    I'm sorry 'his' toes are not yet right.; I hope he gets some medical info/advice soon. xx

  6. It took a good 6-8 weeks for my great toes to heal. Soaking them in vinegar and water helped a lot. Did it with each dressing change I did.

    Is your husband diabetic? If yes, that's part of why it's taking so long for his toes to heal.

  7. Ouch your poor hubby. I wonder if the heat is delaying the healing process. I know Alan is struggling having shingles in this heat, he's so itchy all the time and feeling really rough.


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