Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Quiet as the grave

 Yesterday the only other static resident went home, leaving just us here out of 36 statics 😲.  Oh, apart from the site manager who lives on site in a static, there was also 1 seasonal tourer occupied (they seem to pretty much live here permanently during summer) and 1 holiday tourer, which left this morning.  So it's as quiet as a cemetery!  The occupants of another static on the lower half have just turned up though.

As I've said before, it never ceases to amaze me how few static owners are here at any one time, and how rarely some of them come.  Even more surprising considering probably at least half to two-thirds of owners live around the Birmingham area, which is a very easy journey away.  And probably 2/3 of the owners are retired, only a handful are younger working couples with families.  I know that a few of the older owners are in ill health, which explains why they don't come, but you'd think they'd either pass the vans on to family or friends, or sell up - what's the point in keeping on something you're not likely to use anymore?  And every owner still has to pay the annual site fees, whether they use the van or not.  This is a lovely, quiet park situated in a good area within easy reach of beaches, lakes, woods, lovely little towns and villages, theme parks for those who want them, countryside walks, plenty of shopping areas only a short drive away.  Beats me why more people don't come.  But then I'd probably not like it as much if EVERYBODY came!😂😂  

So the site owner and site manager (who are both very nice) are earning money from the site fees and have next to nothing to do!  Except a quick clean of the toilet/shower block - which is open to everybody but mainly used just by the touring vans, and an occasional bit of lawn cutting on the ride-on mower and strimming - not that there's been much need for lawn cutting this season, it's been so dry the grass has hardly grown.  Oh well, I'm not complaining, just curious.  I'm just glad we found this site, we are extremely happy here.

We've had more showers today and whilst it's not overbearingly hot anymore, it is a bit muggy and humid.  The kind of weather that makes you sticky without you even doing anything.  We're not doing anything or going anywhere today, tomorrow though we're going out to do a little bit of shopping.  Thursday we might go to a local car boot sale, it's not far away so we'll probably leave Betty here in the van (with all of the windows open) - we'll only be gone an hour and she's not keen on walking amongst crowds, she gets quite anxious - she likes wide open spaces.  The temp is forecast to be 21 deg with sunny and cloudy spells, so it won't be too hot for her.  When we go shopping we take her with us, husband opens the tailgate and sits with Betty in the car watching the world go by whilst I go in the store.  Suits us all.


  1. I remember once seeing a questionnaire in a magazine about holiday places. One of the options was along the lines of "You prefer somewhere that no-one else has discovered." I think I know whether you'd tick that answer!✔ xx

  2. Our family lake home gets like this. My MIL doesn't like being there if no family is there and some weeks/ weekends there's just so much going on in town(s) it sits empty. Sort of when it's full, it's full, but when no one is there it's quiet.

  3. It was muggy and sticky here too until the rain came. It feels much cooler now, thankfully. xx

  4. I always loved the holiday park that I virtually lived on for a year when the holiday makers were absent. It was so much nicer with just the staff's vans and the old die-hards like me being in residence.


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