Wednesday, 10 August 2022

A day's delay, and a very good book

 Yesterday for most of the day I didn't feel very well.....nothing serious, just a tummy upset and feeling nauseous, it had worn off by the time I went to bed.  However, I didn't get much done.  Consequently, we didn't go to the van today as planned, I spent the morning doing the jobs I meant to do yesterday - packing the clothes, toiletries, dry foods and dog food.  I was finished by lunchtime so we could have gone this afternoon, but I didn't want to travel in the heat of the day, just in case we got stuck in traffic or broke down - being forced to sit in a hot car for x amount of time wouldn't have been good for any of us, especially Betty.  So we're going to go tomorrow morning now, before it gets too hot.

I took the opportunity of a spare hour this morning to make a big batch of cheese scones, I've frozen half of them.  They'll be nice for lunches with a chunk of cheese and some homegrown tomatoes and mini cucumbers, quick and easy (and no cooking).  Husband's coming home on Monday to go to another nurse appointment, he can collect the rest of the scones and a couple more frozen meals and pick some more salad veg.

I'm a big fan of Val McDermid books, I've read all of the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series and a few others.  I've just finished one of her stand alone thrillers, A Place of Execution, it was one of the best books I've ever read.  She is very good at producing a twist in the tail right near the end of a book, something (or someone) you'd never have thought of or guessed, and this was no exception - I certainly didn't see the surprise in this story coming, although I had guessed that the murderer was possibly not a genuine killer.  How writers like Val McDermid and others like James Patterson who are so prolific and write dozens and dozens of books can manage to keep coming up with different plots, I don't know.  They must have very vivid imaginations!

Thanks for the comments re scanning your shopping in Sainsburys.  I like the idea of using the scanner rather than my phone - my phone (it is a smart phone) is dying a slow death, is temperamental and doesn't like adding any more apps!  So is it possible to use the scanner without downloading an app onto my phone?  I suspect not.  There are rarely any staff around in our store to ask, they seem to be very short of staff.

I shan't be posting every day whilst we're away, but will try to post every few days. 


  1. I'm very sorry you haven't been feeling great but the time is yours and it's good that you can take the time as necessary. Have a good (and cool) journey tomorrow morning and a wonderful time away.

  2. Glad the lurgy was short-lived. We prefer to travel first thing. The roads are slightly quieter and we're fresh. I know your caravan is only about 40 mins away, but as you say, if you DO get stuck in traffic in the heat, it's not good. Have a lovely break. We'll be here whenever you're ready/able to post. xx

  3. Hope you are now feeling completely better and that your trip tomorrow goes well.

    My understanding is that Sainsbury's currently have two systems in use. The 'old' one is a hand-held scanner, the new one is app-based and utilises your own phone. I suspect they will eventually retire all the original scanners and move to phone only - it will be cheaper for them not to have to supply handsets. Our small store never had the hand-held devices but the self-scan tills are able to accept data from your phone. What you get the choice of will depend upon where in the upgrade cycle your local store is.

  4. I had a dodgy tummy last night, which my daughter blamed on too much dairy. It's always good to still be able to get things out of the way when plans change.

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well. But soon you will be in your happy place.

    God bless.

  6. All you need is the Nectar card to get set up for the scanner, no need to involve the mobile at all. But, as Jayne said, this might change in future.

  7. I hope you're feeling better today and have managed to get off to the van before the heat of the day sets in, it's going to be another warm one. It's nice to have something cold and light to eat at lunch time in this weather, your cheese scones sound delicious.


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