Tuesday 23 August 2022


After several days of practically perfect temperatures, today has been horrible - not blisteringly hot and sunny, quite cloudy in fact, but really sticky, humid and muggy.  I hate days like this (so does Betty actually), it leaves me feeling totally drained and unable to do anything.  Poor Betty has been lying in front of the fan most of the day (still is), she's drunk loads of water and moped around, but at least she's not panting anymore and seems more comfortable.  Whereas I feel like a limp wet rag.  Actually, Betty's just jumped up and run outside, doing her guard dog bit - she heard neighbour C folding up his recliner chairs.  So she's clearly feeling better.

Husband finished off the plumbing work in C & J's caravan this morning, they were very pleased.  We went to do a top up shop afterwards - inside the store it was quite cool, coming out of there when I'd done the shopping, the humidity hit me full on, it was like walking into a sauna.  I really hope it's not going to be like this tomorrow, it makes me feel quite ill.

I've finally ordered a new phone, having saved up for it, mine really is on its last legs.  I've had Motorolas for several years now, they're a good budget smartphone, easy to use and familiar for a technophobe like me, I just get an updated version every few years.  

I'm having an early night, this horrible sticky weather has done me in today.


  1. I currently havea motarola which was no additional cost if we stayed with our plan. It has worked well for what I need. The hot mugginess after ac is tough.

  2. Not been too bad here today. Quite warm, but not too humid and we even had heavy rain yesterday and a quick shower today - just after I'd hung the washing out, of course! The garden already look better for it. Hope the cooler weather comes your way soon. xx

  3. It was rather humid here too, quite uncomfortable. I was glad to be able to chill in front of a fan. It's not a nice feeling at all, hitting humidity. xx

  4. I'd be interested in your choice of Motorola smartphone. Reasonable cost but ease of use essential - I'm useless with technical stuff but realising that my old, basic phone is just not clever enough for the modern world. (Just like me!)
    I can't even park now without a smartphone, nor collect my groceries (click & collect).

  5. It was rather weirdly cool but humid for us, but I made the mistake of going shopping in just a t-shirt and the air conditioning in both Sainsbury's and Booths was bloody freezing. I should have guessed this was going to be the case when I saw lots of other women going in with jackets on.

  6. Same here as Sue 🙁 Nipped into Sainsbury's this morning and the area around the chiller shelves was so cold the ends of my fingers started to tingle. That's the prelude to going numb with cold.

    Well done to husband for helping your friends, hope Betty is doing OK.


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