Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Beetroot football

 Another day spent in the kitchen - all this standing around isn't a lot of good for my back and hip, both of which pain me terribly by the end of the afternoon, but it's only for a few days and it does cut down on the time I have to spend preparing meals later, so it's worth it.

The cauli mac n cheese made 6 portions yesterday, so 4 have been frozen.  I also did lots of dog food to freeze.  Today I've made sausage, cheese and sun dried tomato pasties and a cheese, onion and grated carrot flan, using homemade pastry.  Did a chicken, mushroom, onion and brown rice traybake for dinner tonight, double quantity so half can be frozen.  Also made a bowl of potato salad with our homegrown spuds.

Tomorrow we're spending the day at the caravan, the morning is for gardening, then just lazing around in the garden after lunch.  Lunch will be the pasties I made today, with potato salad, followed by fruit.  Dinner when we get home will be half of the cheese & carrot flan with salad.

Husband's asked the landlord about decorating our hall, stairs and landing, he said he'll discuss it with his brother the co-owner, who's currently isolating at home with his family as they're all unwell.

It's been a really muggy sticky day, the sort of weather I dislike the most.  I hope it gets a bit fresher tonight, or I won't be sleeping much.  Betty doesn't like this humid weather either, she's very restless.  She does like the fan being on and lies in front of it.

Husband brought in a beetroot that was practically the size of a football today, plus more marrow-sized courgettes.  I've told him not to bring in giant vegetables anymore, they're usually woody or watery and tasteless.  I said he's not entering some 'biggest vegetable' contest, beats me how he claims not to see these giant veggies, he reckons they're hidden behind leaves.  He just doesn't look properly is more like it.  Next it'll be the turn of the runner beans - I only like them when they're young and tender, but no doubt he'll be picking them when they're a foot long, tough and stringy. 😒


  1. Oh, thanks for the giant veggie giggle.🤣 Do you have a stool or chair you can sit on to prep the veg? I remember my husband's gran having a folding stool in her kitchen, just for that purpose. Hoping the landlord and his brother come up trumps with the decorating. Very humid and muggy here, too. It's been raining on and off all day, but hasn't cooled things down any. xx

  2. Yummy cookery in your house. I am the same with veg particularly beans. They need to be young and green for me to cook and eat them.

  3. I finally bought a small island and still for marathon cooking sessions. I would be in agony. Are the big courgettes good for baking?

  4. all your cooking sounds delicious.

  5. It's me that has trouble finding the veggies when they are smaller. Many is the time I have brought a zucchini in the house that would feed an army. Everything just gets away from me it seems. Not enough hours in the day.

    However I have never had a beet that large.

    God bless.

  6. I was going to ask the same as HH - when I do cutting and prepping for a bulk cook I sit at the dining table. It only take a moment to put down an old towel to cover the area I am working on, take in the chopping board, knife and anything else I need and makes a big difference in how my back feels later.

  7. I definitely agree re giant veg. The young ones are so much nicer. Those old ones are so hard and woody/stringy/tough. Not nice at all. xx


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