Saturday, 13 August 2022

Limp rag

 It got up to 30 deg in our lounge yesterday, even with the fan on and curtains closed.  Upstairs in bed last night, it just seemed to get hotter and hotter, Betty had already gone back downstairs about an hour after we went to bed, and I ended up following her, it was just too stifling upstairs.  I dozed, woke up, dozed again on the sofa for a couple of hours, then went back up to bed finally around 3.30 this morning.  Couldn't get any decent sleep though, it was still too warm, so I just lay there and read my book.  I'm really feeling the effects of little sleep and being too hot already this morning, think I might have to take a couple of showers throughout the day and try to have a snooze later.  Betty finds all the coolest places in the house, like under the stairs in her cage - perhaps I should get in there with her!  Thank goodness the temperature is forecast to drop quite a lot from Monday, and we should have some rain.  I don't think I could stand much more of this heat.  Being blonde (well, out of a bottle nowadays!), fair skinned and freckly, and prone to burning in the sun, I'm really not equipped for dealing with heat, it makes me feel quite ill.

Husband had a phone call yesterday from the hospital podiatrist - that was much sooner than anticipated, he'd been told it probably wouldn't be until next week.  The podiatrist asked him loads of questions and then said that the symptoms he's experiencing, i.e. the swollen toes and weeping, sound perfectly normal and that it's likely his toes will take another 3 to 5 weeks to heal properly.  He told him to keep his toes covered with light dressings.....the GP practice nurse husband has been seeing each week had said to start leaving them uncovered - a difference of opinion!  However, I'm sure the podiatrist knows best - he said whilst they're still weeping then infection could get in if they're not covered.  He also said to keep an eye on the swelling and redness - if it goes further up the toe, past the knuckle, then it's likely an infection and he should see his GP for antibiotics.  So husband just has to be patient a while longer.

If I could hibernate somewhere cool and dark for the next couple of days, I would.  I feel like a limp wrung out rag.  


  1. Last night seemed particularly hot. I turned the big fan on in there to cool the room before I went to bed than left the bedroom door open and lay on the bed without a covering (apart from a light cotton nightie. I'm very grateful that I don't have to share my bed - a double bed to myself is The Best in this weather. I live in a bungalow but still had the windows open - and was surprised that I slept until 6.30am!

  2. Sorry you are suffering so much, we are just not used to dealing with heat in this country.

    Lack of sleep is a killer whenever it happens, so follow Betty's lead and spend the day snoozing in the coolest place you can find :-)

    Do you have blinds/curtains drawn to keep the sun out, and all windows front & back open to allow whatever breeze there might be to move through?

  3. I feel like I'm permanently opening and closing curtains to avoid the heat and glare of the sun but to let the shade and draught in when the sun moves along.

    While my front door is in shade I have it and the back doors open to get a through draught, but once the sun hits it those curtains are closed too. I actually burnt my fingers taking the key out of the lock last night, it had gotten so hot just being in the keyhole of the front door for the time the sun was on it. We're just not used to this are we.

  4. I noticed that one of the houses at the back of us has put up some of that reflective stuff that you put behind radiators, in their bedroom windows. I guess you could just stick it up with Blutack. If we're going to continue having these heatwaves, I might have to give it a try! We bought a folding, re-chargeable fan from QVC, earlier this year. Primarily to take away with us, but last night we had it in the bedroom. It's quiet, and kept the room bearable. The charge lasted all night, too. One of our better buys! I hope your husband's toes begin to heal soon. They don't tell you all this beforehand, do they! xx

  5. I am so sorry that the heat is not allowing you to sleep. Hopefully you get some cooler weather very soon.

    God bless.


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