Thursday, 11 August 2022

And relax.....

 We're here at the van, easy journey with no holdups, I've already unpacked and am now relaxing.  It's quiet as husband's not yet put the TV on but has instead gone for a snooze!  We've got 2 fans going (we have a 3rd if necessary), all the windows open and curtains shut, and 2 sunshades up in the garden for shade....for once, miraculously, Betty is actually lying in the shade.  She drinks copious amounts of water when it's hot, sensible girl.  The fridge is full of frozen ready meals, cold drinks, large bottle of water and icecubes.  I have half a dozen new books to read, 2 or 3 puzzle books, pack of cards and several DVDs.  I forgot to bring my art supplies but never mind, I can always get a few pens/pencils and a drawing pad locally if I feel the need.  There was a time years ago when I would always buy a few magazines to read on holiday - not anymore, the price of magazines is horrendous, and not something I would waste money on now.

It's exceptionally quiet here at the park, hardly anyone about.  One of the nearby vans is occupied, although they've gone out for the day.  Our lovely neighbours C&J texted me yesterday to say they're arriving next week.  We know one or two other neighbours will be here next week as well.  We've arranged for our van gas boiler to have its annual service whilst we're here, they will also be doing 2 or 3 others at the same time - we all have the same gas man, a nice friendly young man called Jake.

Annabeth - thank you, I'll give the hand held scanner a go the next time I go to Sainsburys.  I've seen the board with them all on in our store, although, as it's about to have a major refurb, perhaps it might not have them for much longer!


  1. I like to check out the circulation issues if magazine's from the library, even last year's if I'm looking for seasonal content because really, from summer 2021 to summer 2022, are recipe, decorating, or fashion any different? We pass magazines around too, so I read older ones too from others. They make a nice relaxing read. Your cooking day is yielding the results now as you can truly relax a few days. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy…agree about magazines…

  3. Time to relax and enjoy yourself. The only drawback with the hand-held scanners that I've seen is that every so often they check someone's shopping. I saw it at Tesco the other day. A young mum with 2 young children, having all their shopping re-scanned by a member of staff. Alright, unless you're in a rush, I suppose (and sod's law, you know when you'll get checked!) I've considered trying them, but feel that I'll be putting yet another person out of a job. Pretty soon, supermarkets will only have a handful of staff. Customer care - what's that? xx

  4. Not sure whether you can just use the scanner, when I started using it when they first came in it had to be set up by the store so you might be better to ask one of the assistants first.


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