Thursday, 11 August 2022

Change of plan again

We're going home this evening once rush hour has died down, it's just too hot in the van for Betty, despite having 3 fans going.  Ironically, it's much cooler outside now, but is like an oven inside.  And it's going to be just as hot for the next 3 days.  Betty is our priority of course, so we think it's safer to be at home in the heatwave, lots of cool spaces at home.  We'll come back Sunday evening.  No worries, I'll be happier knowing Betty is safer at home.



  1. What a shame, but at least you don't live far away, so no long journeys either way. Best to do whatever it takes to keep Betty, and you two of course, cool. Hopefully, things will cool down a bit over the next couple of days. xx

  2. So sorry that Betty is not comfortable. Pets are our fur babies and we always worry about them.

    God bless.

  3. Very wise, I think, and how nice to have that flexibility. I agree with you, Betty is your responsibility, after all. You'll be back soon. xx

  4. So sorry you had to leave but absolutely the best decision. We have 2 15 year old spaniels who have their own fans. If we are lucky enough to find a lovely site like yours they ( dogs and fans) will be the first things in the car we take.


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