Monday, 1 August 2022

One declutter done

 Husband got on and decluttered the utility room this morning without any hesitation or grumpiness (makes a change), he'd finished by 9.30 am, well done him.  He then hung the washing out on the line - he volunteered, I didn't ask him to.  To be fair, there wasn't much of it - just 2 dog towels and 4 fleece blankets she lies on, on my bed and the sofa.  But still, brownie (scout?) points to him.  

I suggested he dug up the rest of the potatoes - our ground is very slug and wireworm infested, so the longer the spuds stay in the ground, the more likelihood of them being eaten.  He's layered them in buckets with compost, so they should last a while.

I spent an hour peeling and slicing a load of apples.....about half of the 5kg box I got from the farm shop the other day, husband doesn't like Cox's unless they're cooked and there were far too many for me to eat raw.  I cooked them in my Multichef then portioned them up, some for us to have for breakfasts or desserts with Greek yogurt, the rest frozen.  Had to stop for a rest after that - standing in one position kills my back.  So I sat for 10 mins having a coffee, then went on the treadmill - only it wouldn't work, it switched on and the display lit up, but the running (walking in my case) belt wouldn't move.  Husband clueless, so I had a quick google - seems it may be the belt motor.  I haven't got time to think about what happens now, i.e. do we get someone (who?) to look at it or try and buy a new motor, so it will just stay in the corner of the lounge for the time being.  Well that didn't last long, that's the trouble with buying stuff 2nd hand from a private householder I guess, no guarantee or warranty.

Did a freezer inventory and menu plan - not a firm 'we're having this on that day' plan, but a list of dinners to make using what we've got, that can be doubled up so half can be frozen for caravan meals.  Made cauli mac & cheese with chopped bacon for dinner today, enough to freeze as well.  Also made dog food this afternoon, minced chicken with grated courgette, butternut squash, brown rice and a couple of eggs to bind, enough for about 8 meals.

Husband went to the nurse for his toes, the nurse says they're healing fine and she only needs to see him once more and will then sign him off.

My best mate popped round this afternoon, we had a lovely catch up.....we don't see enough of each other, busy life intervenes.  


  1. Well done him! What a shame about the treadmill. Maybe it'll right itself (she said without much conviction.) Life does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it; still, a catch up with your bestie sounds good. xx

  2. Lots accomplished....a very good days work ! I will sit when I can to do those things I used to stand and do.

  3. It sounds like a very productive day, and how nice to end it with a good catch up with your best mate. :-)


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