Friday, 5 August 2022

A van day

 So we're off to the caravan for the day, to prune and tidy up and water all the pots, both ours and C&J's next door.  After lunch we'll just sit in the garden and enjoy the sun, and catch up with any fellow owners who are there.  I love that we're near enough to go for the day, although the price of fuel nowadays dictates how often we can do that.

I need to take a notebook and go through the kitchen and bathroom supplies, to make a note of things we need to stock up on for our next stay.  I do like to have a good stock of tinned and packet food and toiletries there, so if we should decide on the spur of the moment to up and go for a few days, there are always enough supplies to see us through for a couple of days before going shopping.  We also keep a couple of changes of clothes there, and I have 2 boxes of spare bed linen and towels under my bed.  We don't leave the fridge switched on unless we know we're going back there within a couple of days.

Must ring on Monday and arrange for the fitters to come and do the annual boiler service at the caravan....that's supposed to be husband's job (arranging it that is), but he keeps forgetting despite my several reminders 😒.  So another job added to my list!

It's a much nicer day today, beautiful blue sky but it's so much fresher than the past few days, which were very uncomfortably muggy and sticky.  Forecast to get very hot again from the middle of next week!


  1. You're so lucky to be able to just up sticks and go to the caravan. A little mini-break every so often. Who wouldn't want that? xx

  2. That's the beauty of living within a reasonable distance of the caravan isn't it. It's worth going for the day because the atmosphere at caravan parks is just so relaxing compared to home, I know I really miss my Van and I'm sorely tempted to get another.

  3. So nice that the caravan is close enough to go for the day. I know it is your happy place.

    God bless.


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