Sunday 7 August 2022

Final bits of prep

 This morning I put the overnight washing out on the line, then put another load in the machine to do overnight tonight.  That's the washing basket completely empty now.  Then husband took me up to town, I needed to stock up on toiletries....I get them from Wilko about every couple of months.  We got there for 10 am when it opened, to avoid crowds.  Back home by 10.45.  

Prepped and boiled a load of our homegrown spuds for mash.  This is the last time we're growing spuds - well, certainly in the ground - so many of them were tunnelled, eaten and had scab, it's a right pain in the backside cutting all the bad bits out, and such a waste.  I've said this to husband before, but he still continues to grow them - well, not anymore, I'm saying NO, it's just not worth the effort, considering we don't eat spuds every day (unlike years ago when I was a child).  I made enough mash for today's dinner (boiled gammon and veg), enough to cover 2 cottage pies (the mince already cooked and in dishes in the freezer) and a plastic tub full for another meal.  Prepped the rest of the veggies for dinner - bought long stem broccoli, homegrown runner beans and the inevitable courgettes.  I've done a whole trayful of courgettes for roasting, there'll be enough for tomorrow's dinner too.  Made 2 apple crumbles, one for husband to have today and tomorrow (I'll just have stewed apple and yogurt), the other to be frozen.  That's it for today, I shall go upstairs and read for an hour or two now.

I have two more days of batch cooking, baking and garden veg prepping and then that will be it - I'm having a fortnight's holiday after that, I shan't be doing ANY cooking!  There'll be sufficient home cooked frozen meals to last a fortnight in the caravan, they can all be microwaved.  Lunches will be a sandwich, homemade quiche or tortilla (both already made and frozen) with salad, or something on toast.  Husband can get his own breakfasts.


  1. You are very well prepared. Enjoy your break from cooking.

    God bless.

  2. You could try substituting courgettes for apples or mix together for extension. Too much cooking . :)

  3. I love a good bit of pre-organising and you are pretty much the best! Have a wonderful time when you get there. xx

  4. I used to hate it on the hillside digging up the spuds and finding so many of them nibbled on or tunnelled through or stabbed by me with the spade or fork. This year growing them in the 'bags for life' and just tipping them out to harvest them it's been a doddle and NONE were wasted or spoilt at all. It's definintely the way for ward for me. I have three new very large tubs ready for the next batch to go in.

    Enjoy your two week cooking holiday, it makes such a difference just the thought of not having to cook or wonder what's for dinner every single bloody night doesn't it.


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