Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Sleeping arrangements revised

Thank you for comments, I'm sorry I don't reply to them individually.  Also sorry for not commenting on your blogs much lately, I've just been so busy.

I'm having my hair cut this morning, then we have to take Betty to the vets this afternoon for her annual booster jab and check up.  In between I have dog food to make and a bit more admin stuff to do.  Incidentally, the ton of admin stuff I've been doing lately is not just related to the ongoing family things following Mum's death, it's also admin stuff for us.  I won't be going into details, as I'm sure you'll understand.

We'd decided that rather than just get rid of our lovely antique pine double bed and rush out to buy 2 singles, we'd both try sleeping in the twin spare room for a couple of nights, just to see how we got on with it.  We don't want to just swap rooms, for 2 reasons - I really love the decor in our bedroom, and the front spare room, being south facing, is far too hot in the summer, as it gets full sun all day (when the sun is out, of course).  Both of us have slept the odd night, separately, in the twin room, but this is the first time we've done it together.  We've decided it's not for us.....we like sleeping together in the same bed!  Even if we do keep each other awake occasionally.  Plus I really love our bed and don't want to get rid of it.  So we're going to stick to our bed, in our room, with one or the other of us having a night in the spare room occasionally so we can both get a good night's sleep.

I've decided I don't want to try yet another BP medication for the time being - I'm on 2 already (well, one specifically for high BP, the other primarily for anxiety but it is a beta blocker), and the horrendous side effects of the new one Nurse Rose gave me to try last week put me right off.  I'll be seeing her again in a month and will keep an eye on my BP between now and then, i have a BP test machine.  I've done some research into natural ways to lower BP and am now not using salt at all in cooking, and am having a glass of beetroot juice every day.  It's supposed to work almost as well as medication for lowering BP - I did used to drink it daily a few years ago, but eventually got sick of the earthy taste.  Well, now I have a splash of orange juice in it as well, which makes it more palatable.  I'm also trying to do a bit of exercise every other day, which should help too.


  1. Good idea to try before you buy! If you had a bigger double you can go for individual mattresses then movement doesn't affect the whole mattress when someone gets up. Getting to the bottom of the sleep problem would be the way to go.
    I had just learned this week about the beetroot and BP - I don't suffer from high BP but I mentioned it on my blog in case anyone else wanted to investigate it.
    Altering diet and lifestyle and including exercise is always my way of dealing with any illness as it would appear that any meds have bad side effects on me and I remember how my dad went downhill quickly once he started taking some medication for things - having said that it is far easier to take a pill!
    Have a good day and don't get burried in the admin papers. x

  2. Try 2 single duvet. Sleep the Norwegian way. Sue.

  3. I would be the same. When Tony's snoring gets really bad I head off for the spare room for a few hours of decent sleep but wouldn't want separate beds on a permanent basis. Have you tried adding chia seeds to your morning cereal. It supposedly lowers blood pressure.

  4. When DB’s blood pressure was playing up years ago he was at the doctors every week at least. Lots of changes of medications but eventually he found a combination that worked.

  5. I don't think I'd like sleeping alone either. My DIL has high BP (she's only in her 30's) and she and my son have moved to a whole food plant-based diet (How Not to Die - Dr. Michael Greger). Her BP has dropped. I'm not saying you should have a plant-based diet,but maybe have a read of his book and see if it makes sense for you. If you can reduce your BP through diet, it's got to be better than taking medication. Sorry for the lecture - don't mean it to sound bossy, just trying to help! xx

  6. Sorry but I had to chuckle about the bed-so sweet and cute. You are darling.

  7. I like your ideas on diet and excersize. A bit is better than none, I'm sure. Maybe if you get all the health stuff working right the sleep will follow.
    I do remember you said the day you did a lot during the day you slept better/longer at night.
    You will get the sleeping deal figured out. Glad you tried before you made the leap.

  8. I'm afraid we have had to stick to separate bedrooms otherwise we get no sleep at all. This way we can relax knowing that whatever kind of night we have we won't disturb each other. We are still within shouting distance if one of us needs help! I never thought we would come to this but after 48 years of marriage it's the only way to stay sane ;)

  9. I've been on meds for hypertension since I was 37, when I was only slightly overweight. I really thought that losing the huge amount of weight that I have would mean I could stop taking the meds ( I take 3), but the weight loss has made no difference whatsoever to my blood pressure! Nothing I've done in terms of diet and exercise has made a difference so I think I'm just genetically predisposed to it - my dad was diagnosed with it in his early forties and died of a massive heart attack at 55. I'm lucky that I've never had any side effects from the meds.
    We occasionally slept in separate rooms due to my wakefulness, and my husbands snoring, but now our daughter is back home I can't do that - last night I was ready to put the pillow over his head!!

  10. You're very wise to try it first and it would have been awful to get the beds and then find you didn't like it. I like your compromise very much indeed.
    I tried beetroot juice and it did help but I really didn't like the juice at all and started to dread taking it. Do cooked beetroots have a similar effect, I wonder? I would happily munch through some of those every day.


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