Tuesday 28 December 2021

Had enough of Christmas excess food now

 The garden centre yesterday wasn't busy at all, I was pleased to see.  We spent half the voucher money (luckily it was 2 x £25 vouchers) on two things, a really nice and well made dish drainer for the caravan kitchen, to replace the cheap plastic one, and a pair of fleece lined garden shoes for me in a nice pinky purple colour, to wear in the van garden.  We also went in the pet shop there and got several packs of extremely smelly dog chews for Betty, things like dried liver and tripe, pigs snouts, dried chicken sausages.  We get her treats that are made of natural things with no colours, preservatives, flavourings or any other dubious stuff, although I draw the line at some things......fur covered rabbit ears, puffed chicken or huge turkey feet, eg.  I'm sure Betty would love them (the smellier the better), I'm just too squeamish to get them and watch her eating them.  The car did pong a bit with the bagful of smelly treats on the way home.

I didn't wake up until nearly 07.30 this morning - unheard of for me!  Must have needed the sleep, although I didn't actually sleep all through the night - I did wake up a few times, even having to come downstairs to let Betty out in the garden for a wee in the early hours (she was whining at the door), but fortunately I went back to sleep almost straight away each time.  I've also woken up with backache, for the first time in weeks - I reckon it's a combination of spending a fair bit of time standing in the kitchen, and other than that, too much sitting down watching TV (at least I watch it, unlike the other occupant of this house who sleeps through it whenever he's put 'a good programme' on!) or reading a book.  I need a good walk, I think....hopefully it'll stop raining for long enough.  It's certainly extremely mild at the moment, I was throwing the duvet off in the night it was so warm.  There's now blue sky and it's stopped raining so it's looking hopeful for a walk, although it is very blustery.

Last night when I went to bed I felt as if I had a cold or something coming on.  I've taken a lateral flow test again this morning, just to be sure - it's negative again, and I feel absolutely fine, so it was probably just overtiredness.  Thankfully.  

We've still got some chocolates left but I think they can be put away in a cupboard in the utility room, I've had my fill of chocolate now.  Not that I've eaten loads, I do like chocolate but am not a chocoholic by any means, I can take it or leave it.  Crisps are a different matter, I love them, but there are still several bags of those left.  I think I'm just ready for normal healthy eating again now.  I'll do the red cabbage, apple, stilton & walnut salad that I saw in the Guardian paper for lunch today, and a chicken & veg wholemeal pasta bake for dinner.  That free range herb butter basted chicken we had on Sunday was really lovely, it's done us for several meals, Betty's had some too, and there'll still be a bit left over after I've taken off what I need for dinner today to freeze for a risotto, and the bones and skin boiled up for stock.


  1. I've resisted the chocolate - I do wish people would listen when I say I can't have chocolate as I'm diabetic - but once again my DiL sent me a box of posh choccies. They are sitting on the sideboard, very tempting, so I need to pass them on to someone before I give in.
    Last night I had the remainder of the chicken with cranberry sauce, a jacket potato and half a plate of salad leaves - very plain and simple and it was greatly enjoyed.

  2. I stopped buying the dogs Pigs Ears to chew on when we had our own pigs and the ears came back for Alan to cook up for the dogs ... I recognised the animals numbers and knew exactly who they were chomping on :-(

    I know exactly what you mean about having had enough of the excess food, even if we don't mean to over eat there's just so much richly flavoured stuff around at the moment ... what I wouldn't give for a nice dish of simple pasta, possibly I'll have some for lunch today.

  3. I'm looking forward to a few nice fresh salads.. Today's will be feta and walnut and I'll pick all the salad from the garden.

  4. I know what you mean about all the Christmas food. We don't tend to buy much, but there always seems to be too much left over! I'm so glad I'm not a dog - Betty's treats sound disgusting, but I'm sure she enjoys them. I'll stick to a handful of Twiglets, thanks! xx

  5. Most of the Christmas treats will be gone by tomorrow. Luckily I can send most home with the sons.

    Glad you found what you were looking for at the Garden Center.

    God bless.


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