Saturday, 4 December 2021

It's done

 Well, I've dressed the tree, the mantlepiece and the hall side window and that's it, the sum total of my Christmas decorations.  I'll take photos when all the lights are on and show them in due course.

I still don't really feel in the Christmas mood, but I dare say that will come.  Once I'd finished the tree (which is very minimalist! - my choice), I stood back to have a look and could almost hear Aunt Sylvia saying "Blimey, that's not very Christmassy, get some tinsel on it, and bigger baubles!" - which made me chuckle (I've never been fond of tinsel).  Still, I like the tree, and that's all that matters.....husband isn't bothered one way or the other.  I'm pretty sure I will have a bigger tree next year, though.

This morning I made several dozen little cheesy biscuits - each one is just a mouthful, so it's not as OTT as it sounds.  I had 2 or 3 (or 4....or 5) for testing purposes 😉, husband had a couple, then as soon as they were cold I froze them all.  Safest thing to do, they're very moreish, and anyway they're to take to best friend's house on Christmas day, along with some little chocolatey treats I'll be making nearer the time.

I made another Christmas card, only 2 more to do and then I've finished them all - just got to write in them all now 😂

Cherie, it's a very good idea to treat the poinsettia as if it were a bunch of flowers and throw it away when it gets past it - after all, it only cost £3, less than the cost of a bunch of carnations!  I shan't feel so guilty now, if it drops all its leaves and keels over in a couple of weeks.  I may or may not buy another one!


  1. I don't overdo Christmas either. Just the tree and one or two bits that were my MIL's dotted about, some fairy lights and a wreath on the door. Mind you, I do have tinsel and LOTS of baubles on the tree. Takes me ages to put up and take down! xx

  2. I also dislike tinsel, I never have it in our house. My birthday poinsettia has so few leaves left, it won't last until my brother comes back at Christmas. Luckily I have a silk plant.

  3. OMG Sooze... I love tinsel ... and Lights... and baubles... and cheese biscuits... send me some :-)

  4. I think I'm going to forego the tinsel on my little tree, I'm so used to seeing her naked while she waits for me to buy some fairy lights it would be wrong to 'over-dress' her now.

    Poinsettias if bought from a good nursery or garden centre and not the supermarket ones that have been rushed will last for years and eventually turn into a bush that can go outside. I had one that was over a year old, and then I left Alan in charge of the house for a month ... guess what he forgot to water. She died a very sad death. I was gutted :-(

  5. I don't like tinsel either. It usually just fell off the tree and once I found out that cats could eat it and they cause lots of trouble.... That was it no more tinsel on my trees.

    God bless.

  6. I'm kind of new here, as in I've been reading your blog for quite a long time - at least since Summer of last year, but for the last year I've been using my work computer so didn't log in to comment.

    I wanted to say how lovely it is that although your Mum was a JW and didn't take part in any traditions you still had your Aunt Sylvia to share the time with, your memories of her love of Christmas and especially of decorating are so precious, I'm sure it makes you smile when you think of them.

    I also love a poinsettia and my husband will buy me one for our wedding anniversary every year - I'm lucky if it makes it to new year.


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