Sunday, 12 December 2021

Not yet!

 Still not feeling Christmassy, I just can't seem to get in the mood.  The uncertainty surrounding possible new restrictions due to the omicron variant isn't helping, they're talking about a Plan C now - what that means I have no idea, I haven't bothered to read it.  I am just putting my faith in the doctors saying that being fully jabbed gives better protection from even this variant, and that this one gives milder symptoms.  And that's all I'm saying about it.  I'm not letting my life be dominated by all this Covid stuff - I take all necessary precautions for my safety, others can do what they like.  

I finally wrote out all my Christmas cards yesterday, made myself do it.  Will post the ones that need posting tomorrow, the rest to be put through letterboxes.  I've got a few spares made in case I've forgotten anyone.  A few leaves have dropped off my poinsettia, a few others have gone yellow, so I'm not holding out any hopes for it to last until Christmas 😂

The trouble with more possible restrictions and doing our best to keep ourselves safe and well, inevitably means being cut off more.  I'm really feeling that now, having not seen my siblings and extended family for so long, nor husband's family, due not only to covid but also to distance and health problems - husband isn't up to driving long distances very often now, and my back problems meant I couldn't sit in the car comfortably at all.  I am hoping, though, now that my back and hips are so much better, that we can somehow manage to go up to the Midlands early in the new year.  I've not seen my sister since 6 Feb 2020 - nearly 2 years is such a long time and I miss her so much.

Roll on Spring!  And 78 days till caravan re-opening day!


  1. You are not the only one:( I think he might have a revolt on his hands if he tries a lockdown. I missed last Christmas with my granddaughter don’t want to miss another. What’s the point of being triple jabbed and be locked down?

  2. Ditto, here! Our grown up children and their spouses are eligible for their boosters from Monday, so I'll feel a little happier once they've had them. As you say, roll on Spring. Let's hope, by then, things will be a lot less stressful and worrying. As to the poinsettia, I seem to remember they don't like draughts/fluctuations of temperature, and not too much water. xx

  3. I never feel Christmassy until about a couple of days before, so there is hope for you ....

  4. It's a really tough time. I'm not feeling very Christmas-y at all. This will be the first Christmas without my Mum and I'm not really in the mood to celebrate anything but having this year done and over with!

  5. I watched the P M TV 'lecture' yesterday evening and all I could think was 'you &^%$(* hypocrite'. Admittedly, he was talking about boosters, not about restrictions, but if he had any credibility in my eyes, he doesn't now!

    I'm feeling OTT festive which, I think, is a bit compensatory. I think the actual weekend will be difficult and a do understand how you feel. It won't be nice without either Mum or Dad any more.

    I've taken a couple of leaves off the bottom of my poinsettias as they were drying up, but I think that's normal. They are still looking surprisingly healthy, much to my amazement!

  6. We are getting our boosters on Wednesday of this week and then we will both be fully protected ... as far as you can be anyway. I AM starting to feel properly Christmassy now, I sat and watched Love Actually yesterday afternoon, all the money for gifts has been deposited into the relevant sons and grandsons bank account, cards sent and neighbours cards posted through letterboxes. This is the first year for ages that we haven't had to hop in the car to get a card to the next door neighbour, it seemed very good.

  7. Poinsetta ...could be too much water.
    Ho, ho, ho.


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