Friday, 3 December 2021

My first ever, and no more shopping!

 I bought a poinsettia this morning, my first ever - although I like them, I've always been wary of buying one before, due to their reputation for being sensitive.....I don't do very well at keeping houseplants alive at the best of times.  But it looks pretty and Christmassy, so it's getting me in the mood for decorating tomorrow.  And if it only lasts a few weeks.....well, it will have made the lounge mantelpiece look festive for a short while!  I've also bought a light up reindeer to go alongside it (steady on, at this rate I'll be taking a leaf out of Cherie's book! 😂).

For the past 2 days I've had jerky twinges in my lower back, it feels almost as if a disc is on the verge of popping out again - I've had it before, many times over the years.  So I'm being very mindful of my back.  Thank goodness I'm seeing the osteopath on Monday, she can hopefully head off any potential back problem before it happens.

Husband wants fish and chips - from a chippie, not home cooked in the oven - for dinner today.  It's only a rare treat for us nowadays, I will eat just half of mine - I'll share it with Betty....well, the fish anyway, and she can have a couple of chips.  I'll have some salad on the side to fill me up.  Although husband only gets one portion of chips to share between us, they still serve up a massive portion, so I may even wrap and freeze some.  I've done that before, they're perfectly ok reheated for a few minutes in a hot oven.

The shops are getting a lot busier now it's December, which I hate, I find it very stressful.  Husband actually volunteered to do the shopping from now on, if I wanted - erm, yes please!!  He normally sits in the car waiting whilst I go in - we've always done that since the start of the pandemic, as he was more susceptible to catching Covid and being seriously ill with it, having heart failure.  However, as we're both fully jabbed, including the booster, and have never stopped wearing masks in shops, he feels perfectly safe doing the shopping, he says.  It means I'll have to write a list for him every time, and he won't necessarily choose the things that I would - he's unlikely to check over the fruit & veg for blemishes or ripeness, e.g. - but if he wants to do the shopping, I'm more than happy to let him.  One less stress for me, and I can stay home and get on with things whilst he's out.  Fortunately for him, we won't be needing a big shop anytime before Christmas, just a couple of top ups of fresh stuff.


  1. I only have to look at a poinsettia and it dies!
    Good luck with yours

  2. I await the pictures of your house covered in lights!🤣 I've known people who can keep poinsettias from one year to the next, but I'm sure they're grown to just last a few weeks, really. I'm hopeless with houseplants, so have never bought one. Hope the osteopath can avert any back problems for you. Lucky you to have a personal shopper, even if he buys the wrong thing at times! xx

  3. Good luck, Sooze. Both of mine still look quite happy which is nice. And if I can do it, anyone can!

  4. We treat our poinsettia as though it were a bunch of flowers and just discard it once it starts looking shabby. We keep it somewhere coolish as they don't seem to like being too warm

  5. My MIL used to buy a poinsettia but haven't had one since she died. Hope the osteopath can work her magic. x

  6. I hope that your disc is not getting ready to pop and that the osteo can fend that off.

    God bless.


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