Tuesday 7 December 2021

More practise needed

 Husband didn't do too badly with the shopping.  With a few items he didn't choose what I would have picked, but then I didn't specify the exact brand/weight/size.  But they were all things that we regularly have, you'd think he would have known what one to get....hey ho.  Bearing in mind we're going to be eating a lot of green veg the next few days, I'd put on the shopping list 'Selection of green veg' - he got a bag of sprouts and a very small cabbage.  Hmmm, will have to send him out for a top up shop in a day or two.  He did well with the Cheddar, left to his own devices he would have just got a huge value pack of the cheapest (and tasteless) cheese.....I did tell him not to get that, but to get a decent mature Cheddar, which he did (probably because it was on special offer!).  However, he forgot the eggs, and some fruit for himself.  He'll get better with practise, and is insistent he's quite happy to carry on doing it, which I'm pleased about.

I went to the osteopath yesterday afternoon, it was fine as usual and I now feel totally relaxed.  She starts off by having me stand with my back to her, whilst she uses her fingers to feel all down my spine, across my pelvis and then my shoulders.  The first time of going, when she did that I was all "Ow, ooh that's tender there, Ouch!!", nothing, not a twinge.  Whilst I was lying on the couch and she was doing her thing with those little movements of her fingers, I had just one tender knotty spot in the middle of my back, nowhere else.  Felicity feels I've responded so well (which I know I have) that I don't need another treatment until mid January, which I'm happy about.  She's a miracle worker.

Husband had a phone call from Yeovil hospital yesterday to say that the surgeon wants to do a phone consultation with him next Monday - what for, I don't know.  He was told a few months ago he would have his prostate operation before Christmas (this one coming!  He's already been waiting 2 years) - whether that's still going to be the case I don't know.  It's up to husband, of course, if the surgeon wants to do the op in the next couple of weeks, but personally I'd rather he didn't - he'll be recuperating and unable to do anything much for x amount of time, just like this time last year when he'd had his foot op.  Having him out of action that close to Christmas will be a bit of a nuisance, we've got things planned, I'll have lots to do and then the added nurse stuff, chores that husband normally does and taking the dog out 2x daily on top.  Well, what will be will be.

Driving home from the osteopath's late in the afternoon, the sun was setting and therefore loads of people had their Christmas decorations all lit up - beautiful, I do love seeing all the lights.

Storm Barra arrives today, thank goodness we don't have to go anywhere!  Hope nobody suffers any damage, or minimal at least.  Stay safe and warm.


  1. I made the mistake of buying a big bag of grated cheese but forgot to look at the strength.. 1.... hardly cheese at all, so I added plenty of grated parmesan. We won't make that mistake again

  2. When I saw 'More practice needed' I immediately thought it was to do with the shopping, lol
    So please your therapy is working.

  3. I am sure he will get better as you go along and get to familiarise himself with all the brands and quantities. Fingers crossed about the operation and that it will come at a convenient time.x

  4. At least he's happy to continue, and will improve with practise. Glad the osteopathy has worked for you. I hope Felicity has those fingers insured!😂 I hope your husband's op is soon, but not at an inconvenient time. My tree is up and loaded with lights, tinsel and baubles. I've also got 4 strings of battery operated lights, which I've placed round the living room. Starting to get in the mood. We've had one fence panel down in Storm Arwen, but are waiting for Storm Barra to pass before we get it replaced - just in case we need more than one! xx

  5. I can remember when Harvey did the shopping for me I put pork chops, a roast, and some hamburger on the list... He came home with pork chops, a pork roast (I thought he would know beef) and ground pork (I had meant ground beef). I then knew I needed to make my list much more specific.

    God bless.

  6. Your days are hectic as every counting days to your summer home time. My daughter and youngest grand-16 are here for a few days. My daughter flies down every month from the north...I lived in her town for three years...moving here in March near son...not playing favorites...this Nana...we have had good days...I don't fly yet (Covid of course) but they have cheap cheap couple hour flights...we are enjoying the 80 degrees. we did Christmas last night for Nana. The little boys here are happy to have a grandparent (one mile) close...I love your blog. You are so real. As you know, a former educator, I still get the areas in which you ladies live confused. That is ludicrous on my part. After all, I have friends in many states here...have visited 46 plus lived in WV, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, and now Florida. I do not know why the geography of the U.K. confuses me. alas...You, Diary of Retired Teacher, Weaver of Grass, and one other...I love...the name of the blog escapes me, but she writes lovely blogs about churches...okay, let us face it, I am OLD...take care...enjoy this Christmas season...enjoy the lights and your tree. Perhaps, start doing counted cross stitch and make some ornaments for next year...a good are inspiring...

  7. Cottage at the end of the Lane...what is wrong with me????LOL

  8. 'You'd think he would have known ...' I have learned over the last couple of months that men just don't notice anything of what we do or any of the things around them. I suspected it before, but now I know for certain!!

    At least he is happy to keep shopping, you have made a huge breakthrough :-)

    I'm glad your back is feeling a bit better, watch out or your hubby will be telling all the neighbours that you are fighting fit and raring to go again.


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