Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Not going out

 I had been thinking about going to another craft fair and/or going somewhere to see a Christmas Tree or Lights festival, to see if it would encourage my Christmassy mood.  I've decided not to though, with this new covid variant spreading rapidly it seems more sensible to stay at home, or at least to avoid going anywhere indoors that may be crowded.  We might take Betty to the beach tomorrow, taking advantage of the current mild weather, but we'll go early to avoid crowds.  Not that Dunster beach ever really gets crowded, and certainly not at this time of year.  Apparently, somewhere in Somerset (they're not saying where) earlier in the month, somebody had a 60th birthday party.....the media are calling it a 'super-spreader' event, as apparently 16 out of the 18 attendees have now tested positive for omicron.  According to what I read, the majority of them were over 60, and most had had 2 vaccines, some had also had the booster.  They are all reported to be suffering just mild cold-like symptoms, none have had to seek medical help or go to hospital.  That's encouraging.

I am still choosing to believe that having been fully jabbed, including the booster, and taking all precautions, husband and I will remain unaffected.  And if we do, by some chance, catch it, we should hopefully not suffer too much.

Husband is going shopping on Friday, I am planning on that being the last shopping we will need until some time after Christmas.

The stressful family situation has started up again, after several weeks of peace.  I'm managing it, or rather how I cope with it, as best I can, by more or less ignoring it.  We've found that if we get too involved, it just tends to fan the flames and make it go on even longer.  It is a bit concerning, though, there's a new aspect to the situation which worries me somewhat.  Well, if it gets worse, then we'll just have to cross that bridge if and when it comes to it.

Husband is busy out in the garden, he's finally emptied out his polytunnel and is about to start dismantling it.  I'm going to make some mince pies and shortbread - and freeze them as soon as they're cold!  We've eaten lots of meals out of the freezer recently, so there's now a fair bit of room to put in any baking I do.  And I want to make soups to freeze over the weekend.


  1. I think you're sensible to steer away from anywhere that might be crowded. We do the same. Not that we liked crowds pre-Covid! I do hope the family stuff sorts itself out without too much stress for you. It's hard to walk away when family is involved. xx

  2. We are hiding at home again, only going out locally, our village shops will see us through until the new year. Sadly from experience I can say difficult family members will never leave things go, we try and avoid our awkward ones.

  3. I'm double jabbed and have Covid, along with husband and daughter ( also double jabbed). It's horrible, and much worse than a cold for all of us. I've listed all the symptoms I've had on my crafting blog. With my family being NHS staff I feel like it was just a matter of time before we got it. My booster was booked for tomorrow.

  4. After the initial scare of this new variant it does seem to be a very mild strain doesn't it, well for those that are vaccinated. You would think a load of over 60s would care a little bit more about their health and avoid a large gathering wouldn't you. I think you are being very sensible avoiding crowded indoor places. A walk on the beach sounds much preferable.

  5. My husband heard on the news about the spread of omicron in the UK. He also mentioned that the news people said they had the first death from that variant.

    We are keeping more to ourselves as well. I just hope that the boys can come home. I so want to see them.

    God bless.


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