Monday, 27 December 2021

Christmas finished, move on

 Thank you all for your comments, I think the chocolate muffins and the cheddar & parmesan biscuits I made did go down well.  It's raining and windy this morning, but I think it's forecast to ease off a bit later.  

I've dealt with the washing this morning, unfortunately it's had to go in the dryer - well, half of it, the rest is on the airer upstairs.  Got to save some electricity, with prices due to go up massively soon.  The washing I put in the machine in the evening and set the timer for it to wash overnight, on the cheap rate electricity.  Pity the machine can't then unload itself and transfer to the dryer, so that could get done overnight too!

I'm just about to go and deal with the leftovers from yesterday's roast chicken dinner - it was an extra large free range herb butter-basted chicken I got from M&S a couple of months ago, reduced to half price.  It was lovely, and obviously there's loads left, plus the extra veggies I'd cooked.  My brain hasn't quite woken up yet, the result of a late night and early morning.....I was going to have a lie in, but husband and dog had other ideas, waking me up at 06.20 😒  So I haven't yet decided what I'll do with the rest of the chicken, probably just reheat in gravy, heat the leftover veggies and have another roast dinner, that'll be the easiest!  The remaining chicken can then be chopped and frozen.  Unless I make some sort of risotto or pasta thing tomorrow......I've not yet done a meal plan for this week.

The garden centre wasn't open yesterday but it is today, so we might pop there later, to see if there's anything worth spending our Christmas £50 vouchers on in their sale, I'd like something for the caravan - don't know what, but I'll know it when I see it!

And then I ought to do a menu plan.  Husband suggested going to a supermarket to see if there are any meat bargains the shops have reduced as they'd overstocked (as they usually do).....I don't really fancy braving the possible crowds in there though.  If he wants to go by himself, I won't stop him 😂  We don't actually need any shopping though, so there's no need for him to go.

We watched Death in Paradise last night, I do like that, although it's all a bit same old same old now.  Even though they seem to have regular changeovers of the always weirdo British inspector, they all follow the same pattern - the inspector has a lightbulb moment towards the end and solves the mysterious death in a sudden flash of brainpower, whereas it never occurs to the rest of his team.  Oh well, it's nice scenery!  After that it was Mortimer & Whitehouse gone fishing at Christmas (only it clearly wasn't anywhere near Christmas, as they were fishing in shirt sleeves half the time).  But I really like that programme, I like the way they chat very matter of factly about their respective heart problems, and I also think Bob Mortimer is hysterically funny, even when grumpy Paul Whitehouse is continually telling him off.  They're like chalk and cheese, but do seem to have a great friendship and genuine affection for each other, which is nice to see in two blokes.

Once the kids have gone back to school, we might take a trip to Ikea in Bristol, lots of people on the caravan forum I belong to have mentioned a sofa from there that comes flat-packed (the back and arms come off) so will easily fit through caravan doors.  I've seen the sofa online, it looks perfectly fine, but I'd like to see it in real life before we order one.  We want to look at beds too, the new metal framed double we bought for the van last year creaks terribly and the noise wakes me up.  We'd like a smaller bed, it would give so much more space to move around in that room, which is quite small and an awkward shape as part of the bathroom wall juts into the bedroom.  We have to climb over the bottom corner of the bed to open the curtains and get to the wardrobe on the other side, which isn't ideal.  I'm so looking forward to getting back to the caravan, it really was one of the best things we ever did buying that, even though it was such a lot of work getting it into a comfortable holiday home.

Taking my tree and few decorations down today, I can't stand them hanging about after Christmas is over!


  1. I'm afraid my Festive stuff mostly stays up until Twelfth Night although I do sort out bits ands bobs earlier.

    Your plans sound great - hopefully you will find something lovely in the sale to spend your Christmas money on.


  2. It's strange how Christmas isn't really over until twelfth night on the 6th of January but I would gladly take it all down after boxing day. I've already packed the Christmas jumpers away and my light up hat will be going away today. Looking forward to New Years eve now.

  3. I don't have any decorations up apart from a tree and the many lights on it, but it's so cheerful on these grey days that I don't want to take it down at all. It's an artificial tree, so no dropped needlesand it's not in the way, so . . . I shall leave it until the last minute of 12th night!

  4. My tree and decorations were packed away yesterday. I hate starting the new year with Christmas stuff hanging about. It was different when the children were little, but now it's just us two, I can't stand the clutter! I hope you find just what you want at the garden centre. xx

  5. I would love to get my decorations down earlier this year, but knowing me I will leave them up until Twelfth Night.

    I hope the sofa is just what you are looking for.

    God bless.

  6. Today is the day that I start to take the Christmas decorations down a few at a time. That way it still predominately looks festive, but I can begin dusting the shelves where the cards have been and cutting them up into gift tags for next year. By New Years Day I will be decoration free ... Yay!!


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