Sunday 19 December 2021

It's dying

 My poinsettia, that is.  I see I bought it on 3 December, so it's lasted just over a fortnight.  Every day half a dozen or so leaves drop off it, it's now half bald.  It's not in direct sunlight, or a draught, nor near a heat source.  I don't overwater or even underwater it, I think I've watered it (just a light sprinkle of lukewarm water) 3 times since I've had it.  The room ambient temperature is just right, neither hot nor cold.  The conditions for it are more or less perfect.  It clearly just hates me! 😂😒  To be brutally honest, I didn't really like it that much anyway, it's just that the colours match the decor in our lounge.  I won't buy another.

Having 2 (relatively minor) liver diseases, I very rarely drink alcohol - medical advice is for me not to anyway and I'm finding as I get older that I'm not very keen on the taste of alcohol anymore.  However, I do like gin, and love a Baileys at Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a bottle of Sainsburys own version of Baileys, it's a special Christmassy version, chocolate brownie and orange.  Ooh yum, I thought.  Well, I had a glass last night during the Strictly final (and I love that Rose won, and it was such a pity that AJ had to pull out).....well, all I can say is that it is absolutely blimmin GORGEOUS!!  If it lasts till Christmas it'll be a miracle 😂😂

As for the Strictly AJ and Kai, I reckon a big consolation for them is that they are now free to go public and say that Yes we do love each other!!!  They're both single, nothing to stop them, and it's been so glaringly obvious for weeks that they are in love.   Awww 😍  I do love a love story.

I'm still trying to keep one meal a day relatively carb free, but am beginning to break out the Christmas foods.  Well, I'm not a saint.  Yesterday I made a dozen deep filled mince pies, all now frozen, and a large open mincemeat and apple tart.  We had a slice of that last night, it went down well with the glass of chocolatey Baileys (and the Baileys would be delicious over a scoop of Cornish ice cream on top of the mince tart!).  Tomorrow I think I'll get some homemade sausage rolls out of the freezer to have for lunch with salad.

It's really misty today and feels damp, the entire sky and surroundings look totally dirty grey.


  1. My birthday poinsettia is in the greenhouse with just a handful of leaves left, they are so temperamental, just bringing them home and removing the plastic sleeve is enough to sending them into decline. I now have a big silk plant which I will use every year.

  2. I've read that poinsettias from supermarkets never last. They're usually sited in a draughty place, probably near the doors that keep opening and closing, and so by the time you buy them, they're already dying. I'm not a Baileys fan, but hubby is and has been treating himself to the odd glass. We've also cracked open the (vegan) choccies. Virtually impossible to eat sensibly at this time of year! xx

    1. Love Baileys too much. Great over ice or my favorite, in my coffee. Yum! My mom had a poinsettia that she got from the school she worked at, before Christmas. She was never a huge fan of them but had a green thumb that you wouldn't believe.Things just grew for her with so little effort. The poinsettia was doing great well into March and she was neglecting it on purpose and it still looked great. She finally got fed up and put it on the back steps. Winters in Minnesota can still be very cold in March and even into April. It took 3 weeks, but it finally got cold enough that it gave up. That was either a really tough poinsettia or my mom had a magic touch that went beyond any normal situation. Ranee (MN) USA (I am not a fan as poinsettias are not safe to have around our cats)

  3. Oh, dear. I must be lucky this year (so far). Although, looking at them, I see some wrinkled leaves that need removing.

    Chocolate brownie and orange 'Baileys' - oh wow. < makes note on shopping list >

  4. I saw that Sainsrobbers soecial chocolate orange drink today but I resisted - Im holding out to get a bottle of the Aldi Salted caramel version if they ever get it in stock!
    Pointsettas are my Mum's arch enemy - every year she tries and fails and she doesn't even really like them! Tradition innit! Im holding out until 6.32pm tomorrow night after SW weigh in! Then its chocs away! well it's chocs out ( for the girls hahaha )

  5. Irish Cream gives me a headache.

    Sometimes the Poinsetta's bought in supermarkets are only sprigs stuck in pots, no root structure at all. Bit of a swizz really

  6. I have never had luck with Poinsettia plants so I no longer buy them.

    God bless.

  7. In case I don't get to post until after the holiday Sooze, enjoy your Christmas.

  8. Hubby has been pestering me to open our Baileys but if I let him it will be finished before Christmas! Early hospital appointment for me tomorrow and afternoon will be spent making mince pies and sausage rolls. On Saturday I made some rum butter, absolutely gorgeous to dollop on top of a warm mince pie.


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