Monday 13 December 2021

So that was no help!

 Well, husband's phone consultation with his prostate surgeon turned out to be not what we were expecting at all.  For a start, the consultant wasn't in the prostate team, he's from Urology and works specifically with bladder problems, not the prostate.  He had next to none of husband's previous notes - he's from a different hospital entirely, an outreach clinic connected with Yeovil hospital.....although that shouldn't matter, all husband's notes presumably should be accessible on computer!  He didn't know why husband is on the meds he is for both his prostate and bladder problems.  He was under the impression that husband is on the list for a prostate op at Taunton hospital, didn't know that Taunton had referred him to Yeovil to get the op done sooner, as Yeovil have a shorter waiting list.  When husband told him that, he stated that actually Yeovil's waiting list is at least as long as Taunton's, and he's looking at a wait of a further 6 months or so!  So definitely no danger of him having it before Christmas!  He also didn't know why husband was even having a prostate op.  The consultant kept saying husband's RECENT urine sample showed blood in his urine.....erm, he hasn't had to provide a sample recently, the last one he thinks was around a year ago, so goodness knows where the guy got that info from - husband did tell him he's not had a test recently.  All in all, it was a classic example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.  I did even wonder whether he'd got husband mixed up with another patient, perhaps having the same name?!

The outcome is the consultant is going to try and track down the rest of husband's notes (would have been a good idea to do that prior to his phone call!), and then he'll write to husband.  So poor husband is no further forward.


  1. Aaaaargh! Take some deep breaths. xx

  2. Makes it even more worrying that you might eventually reach the operating table and they still don't know exactly why he is there!

  3. Where does it end Sooze, I'm so sorry for you both having been on the end of the so called experts many times with Tom I know how frustrating it all is. If you don't fight you'll get nowhere.
    Keep yourselves as up as you can.

  4. And they wonder why the waiting lists are huge. If they would only read the notes beforehand it could save hours of consultant time.

  5. Wow, that is just crazy. One would think they would check the records.

    God bless.

  6. How frustrating. Take care of yourselves.

  7. There does seem to be a lot of mistakes being made at the moment, in some ways I guess it's bound to happen while they are so busy but it does mean that they are unfortunately making themselves even busier trying to sort them out and confusing patients in the process.


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