Monday, 13 December 2021

Soon be Spring!

 I noticed this morning that some of the Spring bulbs I planted in pots are beginning to poke their leaves through the soil - lovely!  And in just over a week's time the days start lengthening - only by a couple of minutes a day, but it always gives me a lift.  Funny - it's actually the astronomical start of winter, but it always feels to me like it's a sign Spring is coming - bulbs coming up and slightly longer days.  And yes I know January and February can be really cold, even snowy, but I still feel much happier and more hopeful somehow at the start of the new year.

I just hope the many pots of bulbs I planted in the caravan garden are surviving - there are quite a few squirrels there, whereas (somewhat oddly) we have no squirrels here.  

So Buffoon Boris wants a million people a day to have covid booster vaccines and is telling doctors to put off routine treatment in order to deliver that.  So I don't think there's much danger of husband being told today during his phone consultation with his prostate surgeon that he'll be having his op before Christmas!  I do feel for the NHS and for patients, there are no winners here, the NHS is badly overworked and patients are having to suffer for longer.  I'm going to do a Thank You card for our surgery and drop it in, along with some cakes - we've had very good service from them this year (well, every year since we've been registered with them) and they've coped well under very difficult circumstances.  We've had little trouble getting through to them on the phone, only ever having to wait a few minutes at most, and we've been given face to face appointments when it was necessary.  I know people in other areas have problems getting in contact with their surgeries, I guess we're lucky we live in a rural, less populated area.  I'm also extremely grateful to Dr Joe, who isn't one of the permanent GPs, he's a locum or registrar, although a long term one - thanks to him being so on the ball I got my back problems diagnosed and seen to quickly, and I'm so much better as a result.  Also down to my lovely osteopath Felicity as well.

I'm so glad both husband and I, most of our family, friends and neighbours have now had all our jabs and boosters.  Along with masks once again being compulsory in shops (we never stopped wearing ours) and regular handwashing/gel use, I think we're as safe as we can be. 


  1. Yes I noticed at the end of last week that our Snowdrops are starting to peek through the soil ... and I haven't even moved them to a larger pot since the move.

    I'm sick of Boris makes these sweeping statements, seemingly not even stopping to think of the logistics of things. We never stopped wearing our masks either, it seemed very ill-advised to do so and also bad manners when all the staff in shops were continuing to wear theirs.

  2. Oh, I do hope Spring is just around the corner! I really hate these dark, cold, damp days. The NHS does come in for some flak, sometimes justified, but I think most NHS workers are trying their best. We are so lucky to have it, when you see what happens in other countries. No change on the mask wearing and hand sanitising here, either. I can see us wearing masks for years, even after Covid. We've not had a cold for ages! xx PS Hope your hubby gets some good news about his op.

  3. We've noticed it always seems a lot lighter by the end of January but it was pitch black this morning when I went out. Roll on lighter mornings.


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