Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Oops, some things missed off the shopping list

 Last night was one of those nights where I kept waking up every hour, and having trouble getting back to sleep again.  Lots on my mind.  Think I'll be having a nap this afternoon.

Husband has agreed to go to the supermarket (he's going very soon), we've nearly run out of eggs and my frothy coffees - I thought I had some boxes of my coffees in the utility room, but seems I haven't.  I also forgot to put paracetamol on the list the last time he went shopping, so of course he didn't know to buy any and we're nearly out of those too.  We've got through lots of eggs this week....I'd made a frittata using 6 eggs which we had for lunch 2 days running, had dippy eggs for breakfast one day, and I need some for a cake today.  It's a gift for a neighbour who loves homemade fruit cake.  Oh, and I forgot to put smoked salmon on husband's last list, we generally have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as a special treat for Christmas day breakfast, Betty has some too. 

The temperature's dropped, feels quite chilly this morning and the car windscreen is iced up.  The forecast is for showers or heavier rain for the next week or so, glad we're not going anywhere (other than Christmas day).  I think husband will be dog walking on his own! (I don't do walking in the rain).  Not that he minds really, he's got full wet weather gear, and Betty has a new quilted padded's a bit on the big side actually, looks like she's wearing a duvet 😂.  She's not very impressed with it, she had this sort of resigned expression on her face when we tried it on her and was hanging her head.....her face was clearly saying "Really?  Do I HAVE to?"  Bless her.

My James Bond No Time to Die DVD I'd ordered arrived yesterday, I do like the Bond films, especially the Daniel Craig ones.  We normally go to the cinema to see them when they come out, but I really didn't want to go and sit in an enclosed space for 2 or 3 hours with a bunch of strangers who may or may not have been wearing masks.  I wonder who the next Bond will be?


Husband was in and out of the supermarket and back home very quickly, he said it wasn't very busy at all.  Lucky him.  When we've gone shopping even this early in the morning, this close to Christmas, before, it's been heaving already.


  1. I'm back too and ditto - there were people there but not many. I'm all done now and it is a huge relief.
    I'll probably join you in a nap this afternoon - it's going to be a later evening.

  2. We went to see No Time To Die at a lunchtime showing when the fuss had died down and there were 8 other people in the cinema! Perfect - and it was amazing. And that is from a non-Bond fan! Will definitely be getting the DVD. Have a lovely, safe Christmas.

  3. Hoping the supermarket isn't busy tomorrow when we go. Planning on going as early as possible to avoid any crowds. I was up at 4.30am today, so said I'll wake hubby up at that time tomorrow lol!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Sooze. Make some happy memories. xx

  4. I've bought that film for Tony for Christmas. We will watch it on Christmas day. x

  5. It sounds like you have a winner of a husband just like me Sooze, how lucky we are.

  6. You've just reminded me I was going to get it for the HG as a last minute gift !

  7. Well we went after my doctor's appointment and it was very busy.


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