Friday, 10 December 2021


 Back and hips still mostly pain free and I didn't have as much stiffness when I got up this morning.  However, my left knee is problematical now, keeps feeling like it's going to give way.  If it's not one thing it's another, joys of getting older I suppose.

The very low carbing is working, I'm slowly but steadily losing a few pounds.  I shall endeavour to keep it up until Christmas.  It's hard though this time of year, usual winter foods are all carby.  And then there's Christmas foods everywhere you look!  Hard to avoid them, TV and social media full of ads and pics, shops loaded with them wherever you go.  I've got stuff for Christmas here, both things I've made and some bought, but at least they're either frozen or hidden in cupboards out of eyesight, so out of temptation.  Will just have to stay strong.

All this Government stuff is really getting up my nose at the moment, something else it's hard to avoid as it's all over the TV, radio and social media.  So unless we have the TV off all the time (not going to happen, not in this house!) and basically don't engage in any form of social media (which is how I keep in touch with some of our family), then it's almost impossible to avoid hearing about the Government's parties that did or didn't happen last year (bet they did) when none of the rest of us were allowed to mix with or visit anybody outside our immediate bubble.  And all the rest of the unsavoury stuff that's now coming out.....once again it's as it has always been - THEY make the rules, WE are expected to follow them, but these rules don't apply to THEM, THEY can do what the hell they like!!  And I'm not saying that any of the ones not presently in power would be any different, I think they're all a bunch of immoral sleazy self serving tossers, who wouldn't/couldn't answer a straight question with a straight answer if their lives depended on it.

The thought that there might possibly be restrictions over Christmas gatherings again will really upset me, as it will everybody.

Sorry, I'm feeling very irritable today!  I will NOT succumb to the chocolates hidden away, will just have to have a big mug of coffee with cream in it......I'm NOT going to open the Chocolate Brownie and Orange flavoured Baileys lookalike also hidden away either.  If we had any crisps in the house it might be a different matter, I can't resist those, so have deliberately not bought any yet.


  1. We seem to have come to expect lies, deceit and sleaze from our politicians nowadays.It's just not good enough. There must be some good MPs out there somewhere I guess.
    I hope the latest "rules" get voted down next week

    1. At the last count 60 have said they will vote against it. There needs to be more.

  2. I'm with you 100%, Sooze. I don't think Boris can open his mouth without lies pouring out! I've long held the belief that most MP's are just in it for their own selfish glorification. I know there are some who genuinely want to make a difference to "ordinary" people, but they are, sadly, in the minority. On the Christmas goody front, we've resisted buying anything yet, as we know we'll just eat it. Willpower - what's that? We definitely have fatty tendencies! Wish I got cravings for fruit instead of crisps and biscuits! 😂 xx

  3. I can happily resist crisp, but chocolate calls to me, even when it's hidden, and as I hide everything, I know where it is. We keep the TV off, fed up with it all, I agree they are all about scoring points over each other and the media hype it all up.

  4. The news is just depressing at the moment isn't it, I doubt we will ever believe in anything Boris says again.

  5. Yes, I'm with you on the crisps, they're definitely my downfall. I think anyone who wants to be an MP shouldn't be allowed, most of them are power hungry and in it for what they can get out of it, not for the reasons that they should be. Have a look at the blog I've got listed in my sidebar, The Low Carb Diabetic. Jan has loads of wonderful low carb recipes on her blog and though I don't follow a low carb diet, nor am I diabetic (It's Jan's husband who is diabetic I think), I do make some of the meals and there's even sweet treats too.

  6. Polititians are the same wherever you go in the world! Our lying, cheating government in Canada were off on holidays in the sun while the rest of us stayed home last year. I'm trying my best to ignore them all by recording the tv I want to watch & zapping commercials. Chocolate is not my drug of choice but plain ripple chips are - oh wait - that's crisps to you isn't it??? They come in bags?? I won't touch flavored ones but plain . . . sigh. I avoid buying them most of the time.

  7. Well done Sooze. It's a hard time of year to be avoiding carbs isn't it. I'm impressed at your willpower but I am so impressed with the results of the low carb diet. .

  8. I have a feeling that all politicians have succumbed to the old saying "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." I do believe they enter politics with the best of intentions, but somehow those get distorted.

    Chocolate and I seem to gravitate towards each other and this time of year when I am baking.......

    God bless.


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