Tuesday, 11 December 2018

More health stuff, just to keep us from getting bored

Thank you for comments, as always.  After my lack of sleep Sunday night, I slept reasonably well last night, albeit not for very long....went to bed around midnight and was woken up before 6 by husband shooting out of bed groaning.  I thought he'd got cramp, turns out he just really needed the loo!

He's not feeling well, said he was awake most of the night shivering and with chest pains....didn't do the obvious thing of waking me up to tell me, or getting out of bed to collect another blanket, of which we have loads.  He's a typical man, his way of dealing with health problems is to totally ignore them, until they get worse and worse, and then has a bit of a panic knee-jerk reaction.  I made him use his GTN spray (doesn't even think to do that unless I tell him to), and ascertained what his symptoms were, it didn't sound (or look) to me like he was having a heart attack.  And I have been instructed, by his cardiac nurse, on what to look for, so am fairly confident I could identify it if he was having one.  Anyway, I got him an emergency GP appointment for early this morning, if only to reassure him.  The GP, a very jolly friendly one who did his training in a cardiac care unit so knows what he's talking about, checked him over thoroughly and said the pains were nothing to do with his heart, but muscular in origin - he said probably a result of something very mundane like taking the bins out or carrying something awkwardly.  

He also said husband's lungs, chest, BP and pulse are fine, but he's probably got the start of a cold or virus, hence the shivering and feeling generally under the weather.  I got the GP to explain to husband exactly what a heart pain feels like and how it differs from, say, ordinary muscular pain, as husband doesn't really understand the difference, despite being told by the cardiac nurse.  I know all this heart stuff is very new to us, him only being diagnosed a few months ago, but he is sometimes a bit anxious about it....understandably.

Our 3-day very low carb diet which we were due to start yesterday, has gone out of the window a bit, life has got in the way.  We're still having a sensible eating week, though....well, until Saturday when we have our neighbour friends in for a festive dominoes evening, provided husband is fit enough.

Roll on Spring!!


  1. Festive dominoes, had to chuckle... not like ping pong but as festive goes. Decorations and food. Yes, I see festive now.

  2. Oh dear! I hope that the cold, if it properly arrives, soon leaves. I also hope you get some sleep. XOXO

  3. Oh poor you, I've been through a lot of this with Tom. He has had the heart attack, has stents and has had 3 seperate lots of blood clots on the lungs, amongst other ailments. Our old insurance man called him the million dollar man, lol
    I feel though for your husband, We were both so scared at first but over the years we've got used to it although like your husband he has in the past sat with chest pains and not told me, also not used his spray until told to, what is the matter with them, lol
    Glad you got the check up and lets hope you can all relax over the hols.

  4. Such a scary thing to happen though and I think you're right not to do the very low carb thing until he has picked up. Take care of yourself too.

  5. hope hubs is feeling better soon, hopefully just a cold passing through !


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