Sunday, 16 December 2018

I need matchsticks

I think I'm destined never to catch up on sleep.  I was desperate to have an early night last night, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.  Neighbours 3 houses down, a young couple, had a party last night...the music wasn't deafeningly loud, in fact we didn't even hear it until husband turned the TV off.  But Betty could hear it - there was a lot of coming and going too, with people arriving and leaving in cars, which set her off all the time.  She's quite protective of our home and has a particular kind of bark when she hears a noise - it's not a loud bark, more of a low warning 'woof' - she was woofing quite a lot last night.  Husband, who is feeling a lot better but isn't quite back to normal yet, went up about 9.30 pm, I knew I wouldn't sleep until Betty had settled.  So I stayed downstairs until around midnight, by which time I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and my book kept dropping off my lap.  I did hear her woofing a couple of times shortly after I went to bed, presumably when people were going home, but was too tired to get up and check on her.  However, around 02.30 am she woke me up, woofing quite loudly, so I went downstairs - she was actually fast asleep, clearly chasing burglars (or partygoers) away in her dreams!  There was no party noise by that time, thankfully, but it took me a while to drop back off to sleep.

I'll have to ring the GP surgery tomorrow....I'm nearly out of my anti-anxiety medication and the doctor hasn't put it on my repeat prescription list.  Had to go in there last week to collect husband's meds, so asked for them to add my med to the repeat list.  Have just checked and they haven't done it - I can't re-order it if it's not on the repeat list, and that in itself is making me anxious!  Got a dentist appointment at the end of the week too....just a check up but I've been having a niggling pain in one tooth.  It's not too bad, more of a dull ache than an actual pain and is certainly bearable, I hope it doesn't need anything painful doing to it, last thing I want is a painful mouth just before Christmas.

Not shown any signs of coming down with husband's virus, thank goodness, he's kept it to himself.  Touch wood.


  1. Hope you and Betty have a restful Sunday. Our old dog was like that he hated anything near our house which included birds flying over !

  2. Bless Betty - a good guard dog. Maybe you can grad a nap or two during the day.

  3. Good luck at dentist-I am crowned royally at mine often!!! At great expense might add!!!touch wood-love that-we say knock on wood and did it recently! Hope you get your meds too! Have a good day!!

  4. After all the driving in the wind and rain yesterday I ahve had a lazy morning and feel my eyelids starting to droop. Perhaps a Nananap should happen soon.

  5. I had a taster of not sleeping well last night, there were three areas of mess as I went from place to place to get a good sleep. I've come down with a cold. I started in my own bed, went down onto the sofa and ended up in Toms room where there is an extra single bed. lol
    Have only just got up at 2.30p.m.
    I hate noisy neighbour parties, crossed fingers, we haven't had many lately.
    Let's hope the tooth is just where you are a bit up the wall, it may settle.
    It just goes on doesn't it?

  6. Hope your Sunday is soothing. or was, it is afternoon there now. may be napping.


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