Thursday, 27 December 2018

Ghost shop

Silly o'clock again....01.37, bit earlier this time.  Oh well, will write a blog post, read the paper online whilst I drink my warm milk, then back upstairs with hopefully a bit longer in bed for the second shift.

We went to Morrisons (supermarket, for those readers not in the UK) about 3/4 hour before it closed, as I was nearly out of eggs and my lactose-free milk.  We looked to see if they'd got any good reductions on meat or fish - nope, they had very few reductions and what they had was only pennies off.  The shop looked like the aftermath of a panic-buying spree (which I guess it was really!)....rows and rows of empty shelves.  Almost no bread, good job we didn't need any - I'd got husband to make 2 loaves at the weekend.  However, I did manage to get 2 packs of asparagus for 18p each.  Wrong time of year to be buying it, as it's not UK grown obviously, but I love asparagus and am not turning it down at that price.  The shop was also empty of customers, apart from perhaps 4 or 5 other people besides us.  Hardly any staff either, seemed almost pointless them still being open.  Our neighbour friends' daughter had been to work this morning in a Co-op, she said they'd had hardly any customers at all and it wasn't worth them opening up.

Having had 3 roast dinners this week, I want something light for the rest of the week.  So tomorrow (well, technically today!  But it'll be tomorrow seeing as I'll be going back up to bed soon) we'll have a cheese and asparagus frittata with salad.  

The roast beef we had today was cooked perfectly, medium rare and totally delicious.  Loads left, will have a beef sandwich for lunch tomorrow but not yet decided what to do with the rest.  I'd originally thought of a curry with some of it, but it seems a shame to hide such lovely rare beef in curry sauce.  Too tired to think now.  In fact I don't think I'll be reading the paper after all, am tired enough to go back to bed now.  What's the betting I'll be wide awake though as soon as my head hits the pillow?!


  1. Hope you managed to get back to sleep. I have moments like that too, but I'm too cosy to get up so I lay in bed think of a word, then see how many words I can get out of it. I do it in my mind no pencil and paper involved, I soon drop back off to sleep, or I try saying the alphabet backwards, but I've done that so many times I can now do it automatically!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Asparagus is delicious. We only had roast on Christmas day, but will be using the beef up for another roast. Hope you managed to get to sleep again, I am fed up with it all myself now, I must have sweated gallons last night, it's just ridiculous, the things us women have to go through in life, in my next life I think I will come back as animal.

  3. I hope you weren't wide away when you went back up and that you have had a decent interval of sleep.

    I do wonder whether ther increased opening times in general has generated edxtra income. Surely people only have a finite amount to spend, whenever they shop. I think it is more a case of having to keep up with each others really so as not to lose customers. And the longer hours are really helpful for people in employment.

  4. I hope you managed to get back to sleep. I slept until 5.00 this morning but I didn't get to sleep till after 1.30...

  5. How about mincing it to make some nice beef pies, especially if you have gravy left over.

  6. Frittata sounds yummy!!! Daughter and I had a lovely sales day shopping yesterday! I found a purse-am quite picky and have been looking for months! Red! Yes! I like colors! This is a vegan purse-never heard of that! I have been a vegetarian for 27 years now and usually don't even buy leather products-shoes sometimes being the exception! I have even found a brand-Toms- that are cloth! Less I sound too too picky, I do have leather shoes for church! Love the purse and found some Christmas cards for next year and couple other small items! Daughter did well also but mainly just a fun fun day! Unfortunately right before our delicious lunch-I had a marvelous homemade Veggie burger, I fell flat on concrete parking lot-I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia and of course ARthritis all of my life! Didn't break anything and hated that she was with me as she worries! Just a great day! I moved hted one year ago is week and nice to finally live near family!!
    Happy new year and I love your blog!!!!

  7. Sorry you're still having sleep problems Sooze, it's a pain isn't it. I'm with you on having lighter meals now after all the rich food of Christmas. We're just having some scrambled egg with some smoked salmon on toast for tea.
    This afternoon I've cleaned all the meat off the turkey crown and with left over veggies have managed to make 4 Sunday dinners to put in the freezer. It's good to have the kitchen all nice and tidy again.

  8. Sorry you are not sleeping it's a pain.
    My daughter has give me the turkey carcass and I strip all the meat I have 6 meats and one the slow cooker.
    Hazel c uk


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