Sunday, 9 December 2018

Why we live here

Thank you for the amazing amount of comments, and welcome to several new readers.  I've calmed down now, it did really annoy and upset me at first.  Whilst I certainly have got a lot stronger in recent weeks, I'm not impervious to criticism, particularly when it's spiteful, and when you suffer with anxiety and depression from time to time, it's not always easy to shrug off things like that.  

Anyhow, enough of that, it's not worth spending any more time on.

I think we saved a calf in the front field the other day.  The field currently has 5 had 12 to begin with, all pregnant, as each one had their babies they were mostly moved elsewhere, until just the 5 were left, 3 of whom had calves.  I always look out of the front bedroom window as soon as it gets light, a couple of mornings ago I noticed a 4th cow had given birth, presumably during the night/early morning, the newborn calf was lying beside the mother just in front of the hedge.  An hour or 2 later, it was still lying there and the mother seemed to be quite agitated, mooing a lot and constantly nudging the calf with her nose.  To cut a long story short, after the calf had been lying prone in the same spot for several hours (and clearly not being able to suckle from that position, so getting weaker all the time), we got in touch with the farmer, who came straight out.  He managed, after several attempts, to get the calf on its feet - it was extremely wobbly and weak.  He then spent another half hour or so attempting to get it to suckle from the mother - it did eventually, thankfully.  He came back out to the pair another couple of times during the afternoon to check on them, all seems well, thank goodness.  The farmer does check on the cattle every day, but not usually till the end of the day - if we hadn't noticed the calf earlier on, i'm guessing it might not have survived.  

And that's one of the reasons we love living here, as well as beautiful views, we have all the farm goings on, livestock and wildlife to watch.  Having mostly lived in towns before moving down here, I never realised just how hard farmers work, they have my complete admiration - not just for their hard work, but for their total love for their animals.

I didn't sleep well last night (combination of things) and have an upset stomach this morning, so I really am doing bugger all today.  And it's blowing a gale out there.


  1. Good luck to the calf, and well done to you. As one of your new followers, I haven't commented until today, although I have been reading your posts and subsequent comments. Why on earth people feel they have to spoil what is, in effect, a personal diary, perplexes me. As far as I am concerned, this is your blog, your space. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope the calf is OK now.

    Julie xxxx

  3. I'm glad you spotted the calf in time to get help especially if the weather was wet and windy.....AGAIN - quite fed up with it!
    Hope you feel better as the day goes on

  4. Good for you. I am sure you saved a life yesterday.
    Upset tums are not pleasant and I'm glad you are able to rest today and recover. I'm hoping you manage to get some sleep through the day too - these things can be extremely draining.

  5. Morning Sue, hope you feel better soon.
    Thank goodness you spotted the calf. It sounds like you are living in a wonderful location.

  6. Well done on saving the calf. It does sound interesting living around farms. Hope your tummy is better soon.

  7. Your location sounds right up my street! One day we will get there!!

  8. Hope you feel better soon Sooze, well done on the calf front. You undoubtedly saved a life there.


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