Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Thank you

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes.

Bit of an anxious start....sister had to call paramedics out to mum last night, poor old thing had a bad reaction to new medication she's been put on.  Paramedics checked her over thoroughly (sis initially thought she may have had another mini stroke), then stayed with her for 2 hours until she'd recovered.  They spoke to an emergency doctor, who said she needs to stop taking the med and see her own GP again urgently as soon as the surgery opens after Xmas.  This new med was a temporary measure to stop her being sick, prescribed by her GP, whilst they await the results of tests she's been having to determine why she's been projectile vomiting recently.  It's all a bit worrying.  The hospital did say she hasn't got stomach cancer (which was an initial consideration), does have a hiatus hernia, but they think there's something else going on too, hence the further tests.  So now she's got to put up with the sickness again in the meantime.  She told me she wishes she just didn't wake up in the morning, as she's so tired and worn out with all her many health problems.  

We've spent a lovely afternoon at our friends' house, came home early as Betty wasn't too well this morning and we didn't want to leave her too long, although she seems fine now.  Thank you (you know who you are!), I'm feeling a bit better about things now.  Not 100%, but better than before.

I hope everyone's had a lovely day.


  1. My mum has expressed that wish too several times. It is heartbreaking.
    Sending love to you.

  2. Hope your Mum will be alright.

    It was nice that you had some company over the time.

    Take care.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Sorry to hear about your mum, and sorry to hear she is having those thoughts, xx


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