Saturday, 1 December 2018

The weigh in

Weigh in this morning after our first short term strict diet....I'm really pleased to report I've lost 6 and a half pounds - in just 5 days!  Husband has lost 4 pounds, but then he's got a lot less to lose than me.  I know it's mostly water (I've been peeing for England this week, although that's partly due to my new diabetes meds) but, even so, it's a huge boost to my mood.

I feel a lot less bloated, my stomach is noticeably smaller (wish I'd thought to measure my waist at the start) and my face is much less puffy.  I also feel much better already.  It's all so encouraging, and we've decided we'll do the same thing for 3 days at a time, probably every other week.  We'll eat normally (but try to be more sensible and not go mad on carbs or portion sizes) for the coming week, then have another go at the diet the week after.  

Brenda asked what a chip butty is - sorry, I forget that some of my readers are abroad!  It's classic comfort food, not particularly healthy.  It's chips (you probably call them fries) between two slices of buttered bread, a chip sandwich if you will.  But they have to be big fat chips, not those skinny ones you get in McD's!  Sauce, be it tomato or brown or mayo, is optional and down to personal taste.  Hope that helps, Brenda - do you have anything similar?

As if we haven't had enough eggs this week, I really fancy an omelette this morning, with bacon and lots of CHEESE!!  I've just had my first frothy cappuccino of the delicious.


  1. Well done to you both.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Excellent news on the weight loss, if you are careful not to go mad this should be a great boost as a regular part of your eating plan.

  3. Well done Sooze! You've earned that breakfast. x

  4. You forgot the best bit is the melting butter as the chips sink in, yum!!!Great news on the weight loss.

  5. What a brilliant weight loss. If I were you I'd measure yourself now and take a full length photo of yourself. I've lost a lot of weight these past 2 years and unfortunately did not do this (much to my regret). It will give you a real buzz to see how well you are doing over the next few months. Again, well done to you and hubby too Sooze!

  6. Bread with French fries! No we do not! Sounds amazing!! Congrats on diet!!
    One kind of new thing I have noticed in restaurants is putting Mac and cheese on hamburgers! As a vegetarian, I don't eat anything with eyes lol so will miss that tasty treat! I think one of my granddaughters ordered it in Ellen's in NYC when we were there in February-or maybe it was someone at another table! I love veggie burgers but good ones-unless I make them- are difficult to find. The restaurant in Carmel, CA that Clint Eastwood owned has the best I have ever hhad. Jagger's here has the next best! Yummmm!!! My recipe is messy and long, so I don't make them often! Some of the things you talk about earring sound so delicious! Thank you for clarifying!

  7. FANTASTIC! Really well done, Sooze. Yes, the meds will have helped but even so it won't be the only reason. I'm really pleased for you.

  8. A big pat on the back , job well done. I am really enjoying the food ideas you have come up with. I am always ready to give something new a go.
    I had already heard of a butty on the show we watch , so had looked it up .
    I think it sounds like buttered bread...the butty part and whatever you want for the rest, filling part. But a chip butty made me laugh a bit . Thinking of french fries on buttered bread. :) I love the learning I am doing here at your blog. Keep up the good work you two !


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