Sunday 17 February 2019

A gentle walk

I didn't have a very good night, went to bed early as I was so knackered - several doses of painkillers making me feel zonked out, as much as anything else.  And somehow the sheer amount of effort it takes to stand and walk, and the muscle spasming making me gasp, wears me out as well.  Every time I turned over in bed, it gave me a jolt, eventually it was just too painful to go back to sleep so I got up early and went downstairs.  But it's another sunny morning, albeit quite windy, so decided to get out for a short walk when I was washed and dressed (that in itself is a painful trial, just getting my knickers on seems virtually impossible!), to meet up with husband and dog on their way back from their walk.  I managed to walk about 300 yards or so, stopping for a chat with a neighbour who was washing her car.  Betty saw me coming and was so pleased to see me, straining at the leash and practically dragging husband towards me....she is so strong, for a medium size dog.  Back home for breakfast (scrambled egg and leftover sliced sausages, cooked by husband) and my first dose of painkillers.

Husband wants to work in the garden today, so I'm going to have a go at cooking dinner.  I might have to sit down to prep the veggies.  We're having some of the faggots I made a week or 2 ago, so that's one thing done already.


  1. So sorry to read that you are in such pain. At least you managed to get dressed and out for a little while. No gardening here today, we have grey drizzle and it is quite chilly. I hope that you soon start to feela bit better.

  2. Good that you managed to get yourself dressed and out in the fresh air. We have similar weaher to Pam and it will be a catching up with chores day here. I smiled when I read the part about the knickers-as a fellow back sufferer I have to confess to wearing baggy jammies withot undies as long as I am indoors as the elastic top stretches to allow me to insert each leg very slowly. Keep warm and don’t overdo the domestic goddess in the kitchen.

  3. Did the fresh air help - I do hope so. Poor you. Have you consulted your GP? There might be stronger meds you can take in the very short term.
    Sending love.

  4. How awful to be in such pain - is it a condition where it comes and goes. Hope you start to feel a bit better especially as the weather is so nice outside at the moment.


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