Thursday 21 February 2019

Plans for the front garden

Thank you for all the comments on the menopausal post.  I know different things are likely to work for different people, but as Starflower oil capsules are working so well for me, I shall stick with them.

It's been a lovely day, sunny and warm, warm enough to be outside without a jacket.  I've had a productive day, did some washing and a bit of tidying up first thing, made my first sourdough loaf in years this morning and it came out really well, went to the town and managed to get a few amazing fruit/veg bargains, and did some gardening this afternoon, my first of the year.

I didn't do a lot, as I knew my back wouldn't like it - I just did one of the corner beds in the front garden, weeding it and pruning the shrubs in there, then pruned all the things in the pots dotted around the garden.  I shall do some more tomorrow, hopefully.  Betty 'helped' me - she was stood right beside me, sticking her nose into everything, then grabbing the prunings and running round the garden with them.  She's such a little monkey, but so funny.

This year we're (well, husband is) getting rid of the lawn on one side of the front path and laying concrete.  He's doing it a bit at a time, over a period of a month or so, for the sake of his health - I don't want him overdoing things and making himself unwell, he'd do it all at once if I let him and wear himself out for days afterwards.  I shall help where I can.  It means we'll have to temporarily fence each section off as it's done, to keep Betty from walking all over it and treading wet cement indoors.  We're doing it to make life easier....less grass to mow, and the grass there isn't very nice anyway, it's full of weeds and Betty tends to dig holes there which we're always having to fill in.  We'll have our wooden companion seat and a lot of pots there, so it'll look alright, and there's a flower bed along one edge.


  1. I really like the sound of your plans. It will make it all a lot easier and some contaners would be nice.

  2. I managed an hour out in my garden today, then Herbie decided that it was extra walk time. I did tidy up some pots and pickup a few chewed twigs AND a handful of pegs, all chewed of course.

  3. I spent an hour outside this morning-shoveling snow! It was like a blizzard last night, couldn't see across the street. It's not too bad this morning, bright sunshine, -10C.

  4. Bought some of the Starflower capsules Sooze, might help my joints.

  5. Hope to see a photo of your new patio when it's finished.

  6. Will you put some pots of plants on the concrete when it is all dry? It might be a good spot for a couple of grow bags... At least you wouldn't have to weed them.

  7. That is sensible, reducing grass cutting. xx


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