Friday, 22 February 2019

Where did the day go?

The day seems to have rushed past, without me being sure what I've actually done.  I went to have a blood test this morning, made the bed, sorted some washing out and put some away, made lunch and dinner, washed up a couple of times, did a bit of banking...but that doesn't seem enough to actually fill the day.  It's as if I woke up, got washed and dressed, then suddenly noticed several hours had gone by without being aware of it.  Just as well not all my days are like that!  Oh yes, I wrote a sourdough tutorial blog post as well, that took a while.

Got the toothache back again and have had to take painkillers a couple of times, perhaps that accounts for my feeling a bit vague today.

We're going to our first car boot sale of the year tomorrow morning, it's forecast to be foggy in the morning but brightening later, so I hope that's true, otherwise it'll be chilly first thing.  I'm not looking for anything in particular at the boot sale, I like to go with an open mind and just see what's there.

Typical really - just when i'm feeling a bit under par and want a quiet evening, Betty is very restless, prowling around, wanting to play then wanting to go out in the garden every 10 minutes (not that she does anything out there, she just stands and sniffs!) and generally being very lively.  And yet yesterday she slept literally the whole evening.


  1. Ouch hope the toothache improves.
    Hope you find something good at the car boot, our car boots start next weekend, but I think it forecasts rain.

  2. Some days are like that I find. Hope your tooth gets better. DD's dog kept going on to the patio and sniffing as well.

  3. I find that too. At the end of the day I sit and wonder what on earth has filled all that time but it does, it just does!
    I'm afraid it is a bit misty here but maybe it is clearer your way.

  4. I have had a couple of those days, I blame the warmth and sunshine. The hours just slide along and suddenly it is time to cook dinner. The only real thing that is suffering is my time here in blogland.


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