Monday 18 February 2019

Not so ouchy

Thank you for comments, my back is much better today, getting out for a short walk in the morning and again in the afternoon (even if it was just around the supermarket) helped a lot.  Walking does hurt, but is infinitely better than just sitting down all day - the walking loosens everything up, whereas sitting makes me more fixed and ultimately much more sore.

Wherethejourneytakesme asked if it's a condition that comes and goes - yes.  I had a slipped disc in my lower back when I was 19 (I did it playing tennis with a friend....see, sports are dangerous, hence why I never do them hahaha!), I've had lower back trouble on and off ever since.  I've had numerous courses of physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic over the years, both NHS and private, even tried acupuncture and yoga.  They all work to ease the condition at the time, but of course it comes back again when I forget to bend correctly, or stand in one position too long, or reach up to grab something...or it just happens for no particular reason!  I do have long periods when I'm pain free, although they tend to be shorter as I get older.

Normally, ibuprofen and paracetamol take care of it, but if it's particularly bad or shows no signs of going, then I have anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants from the GP.  Fortunately, I haven't needed them this time.

Today I'm doing a freezer and larder inventory - I'll stand on a small footstool for the higher shelves and sit on a chair for the lower, so I don't have to reach up or bend down.  There are some spaces appearing in the freezer....if I rearranged it all (which I won't be doing right now!) I reckon I'd have 2 empty drawers in the tall freezer.  Then I'll do a menu plan for the week and shopping list, again I don't think we'll need much.


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better, its not nice being in pain. I remember a few years ago about a week before we were due to holiday in Wales I woke up one morning in agony, and during the day it go so bad I could barely move, I went to the hospital and they said it was severe sciatica, luckily it went away about a day before the holiday. x

  2. That is a long time to have a problem and it must be awful not to know when it might be worse again. I have a bit of a weak neck - computers definitely make it worse, it can suddenly crick just brushing my hair and then all I can do is not much and wait until it clears so I can understand in that respect how you must feel when it happens though I am sure your pain must be many times more. Physio made mine worse and the osteo which improves it is far too expensive to keep on with. I have been doing Somatics recently with the Posture Queen on you tube- it is very gentle exercise that loosens tight muscles and seems to work for me. Hope doing the freezer and pantry helps to keep the movement going. I have just been doing mine at the weekend. Surprising what you find!

  3. It's rough that it is a recurring issue and I agree with you - sports are definitely dangerous!!!
    Take care and I'm so glad it seems to be easing off somewhat.

  4. glad you're feeling better, take care. x

  5. I'm glad it's eased a bit for you Sooze but still take care won't you.

  6. Keep on getting better and take things slowly! xx

  7. I can sympathise, I've only recently started waking in the night with backache and it won't go no matter how I lie. I've no idea what's causing it, I've never had it before. I can imagine how painful a slipped disc is and the problems you get afterwards as my dad has suffered with the same thing all his life.

  8. Fellow back problem here so you have my sympathy and yes, I have a session of chiro regularly but it's pricey, luckily it's now been reduced to every 6 weeks. I did find Pilates very helpful, oh, and one of those 'Helping Hands' litter picks, it never left my side when I was bad and hardly mobile. I could even load and unload the washing machine using it.
    Hope you continue to get better and pain free very soon.

  9. Just remember when it feels good not to overdo it. Tom has had problems with his back for years and I know how easy it is to just bend or lift and hurt it again.


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