Saturday 23 February 2019

Bit of a 'huh' day but lovely sunshine

Well, we went out at 8 this morning to go to the car boot sale....and it wasn't there.  Huh.  We've not been to this one before, but it's advertised on the website as being open all year round, and it's at a big venue (the grounds of a large manor house that does weddings, corporate events etc), so why it wasn't on I don't know.  I suppose we should have rung and checked first.  Never mind.  At least it wasn't far from our favourite garden centre, so we went there for a mooch round and a coffee/cake in the café.

It was foggy when I got up...well, more misty than foggy actually.  The sunrise was beautiful, the sun was a huge glowing red ball, it looked fantastic, it burnt the mist away quickly.  

My toothache is agony today, it feels like I've been whacked round the side of the head with a baseball bat, I'm having to take painkillers every 4 or 5 hours to keep the pain at bay.  I shall have to ring the dentist on Monday, don't think I'll be able to tolerate it until my checkup appointment at the end of March.  I've had pain in this same tooth before, it's a back one and is wobbly anyway, so I think I'll ask the lovely Emma to just take it out.  She did suggest it before, but I was reluctant at the time, not having had a big back tooth out before.  Not looking forward to that, but am sure having it out will be better than ongoing pain.  

As it's such a lovely day and I don't really feel like doing anything, I think I'll sit in the garden and watch husband do a bit more to prepare the ground where he's going to lay the concrete.  Means I can keep an eye on him too and make sure he doesn't do too much and wear himself out.


  1. I think you're wise to seek an earlier appointment - dental pain is horrible. Much love to you andf I hope it gets sorted speedily.

  2. I think you should seek help urgently for your tooth before it becomes infected or you may need antibiotics before extraction. ( Guess how I know this? ) Ouch,ouch. Take care.

  3. I am with Joy and Catriona, teeth are the very devil and need to be dealt with asap. I am a coward regarding the dentist but tooth pain is the pits.

  4. Our car boots don't start until mid March and I'm not sure if we'll be able to get around this year, my hip and Tom's breathing may stop us but we'll give it a go, I shall miss so much if we can't do it.
    I had a back tooth out last year for the same reason, it had gone wobbly, it was not problem so don't worry.

  5. I am reading my blog-feed from newest to oldest so I had not seen this post. Odd that the Boot sale wasn't there.


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