Tuesday 26 February 2019

Thankful for the NHS

It's just after 3 am, I woke up with my mouth and face hurting and can't get back to sleep, I've taken some pain meds and am downstairs on the computer whilst the meds get to work.  Hopefully, once they kick in, I can go back to bed and sleep again.

Thank you again for comments....Scarlet, OMG!!  How utterly brutal, I cannot imagine how you got through that, and can't get over how sadistic that man was.  Pam, I had to think for a minute what on earth you meant, but then remembered old Mr Grainger from Menswear in the TV series...the dentist was nothing like him though, haha.  Yes, I guess it was the anaesthetic that tasted disgusting, along with some blood.  Have to say though, it didn't taste as bad as having the abscess drained...that was vile (as Scarlet knows!).  Mrs, I've never had a baby so couldn't compare the pain to that, but I can tell you I'd much rather have a migraine, backache or the awful Achilles Tendonitis I had a couple of years ago, all of which are very painful, but not as bad as the abscess.

I've had a look inside my mouth and have a round blackish spot slightly smaller than a 5p piece on my gum, where the abscess was.  Yuck.  It's sore, but bearable.  Whereas the abscess pain itself was making me almost delirious, it hurt so much.

So in the space of 4 days I've been to the GP, 2 different hospitals A&E departments (the first one didn't have the facilities to treat the abscess, as they're only a minor injuries unit, and could only give me codeine) and the dentist...and I have the GP again tomorrow as a follow up to last week, unrelated to my teeth.  And husband has the dentist on Friday, and a hospital appointment next week.  

A quiet, boring, uneventful week would be wonderful.


  1. I hope you're fast asleep by now with the pain subdued again. It's a very nasty experience for you and I'm wishing you a very quiet, almost boring life for the next week or so. Enough is enough!

  2. It sounds like the worst is over abscess wise.....things can only get better! I hope I never get one!! Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  3. Glad it's all out and hope you got a good sleep and the pain will disappear soon.

  4. When I was about six had abscess-spent couple of weeks in the hospital
    And surgery to remove several teeth as it affected many. Very ill and painful.
    Permanent teeth grew in of course and in my 20's they removed several as there wasn't room for them! Alas-then braces! Now in old age I am crowned! Lol

  5. I wish you mouth-comfort! I have sent a request to to send you peace and freedom from pain. XOXO

  6. I can't begin to know the pain you must have been in, it was bad enough just having a normal toothache.
    Just recently we have been appointment free but looking on the calendar I think March will be quite busy.

  7. I had an abscess hen I was seven. In the middle of my parents move to Canada. It swollen up above an eye tooth mid Atlantic. It started draining on the train across Canada. By the time we reached Vancouver, it was an open tissue with the odd bit of discharge.

    I have vague memories of sucking on hot gauze. By the time I saw a dentist it was over and done with.

    Back then, new arrivals to Canada weren’t permitted to use the healthcare system. The dentist visit was very expensive


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