Monday, 25 February 2019

Dentist - update

In my drug-addled state this morning I posted this on the wrong blog....on my food blog instead.  Nobody wants to read about dentists when they're hoping to read a post about food, do they...sorry about that!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments.  I've rung the dentists and have an appointment for 10.30....not with my lovely dentist, sadly, she's not there today apparently.  I'm to see a Mr Grainger - I hope he's nice!

Had another bad night, the pain isn't anywhere near as bad as with the abscess, but it's still painful.  At the hospital yesterday they asked me what my pain score was....0-10, with 10 being the worst....I said it was 12!  This morning I would say it's a 7, so still quite bad.  The emergency dentist at the hospital said they don't routinely prescribe antibiotic tabs for dental stuff as, when we've swallowed the tabs, they've dissolved in the stomach and been transported around in the bloodstream, there's not much of them left by the time they reach the mouth!  But my dentist gave me antibiotics when I had an infection before, and the dental receptionist this morning said Mr Grainger may not take my tooth out today, he may want to give me antibiotics I don't know!


The tooth's out - it was quick and painless.  Mr Grainger is very nice.  My face is a bit swollen and droopy, but no pain, although my gums are gradually coming back to life so he said there may be a bit of pain later, normal painkillers should sort it out.  A bit of blood but nothing to worry about, apart from a horrible taste in my mouth.  

I do feel totally shattered now...lack of sleep and ease of tension after being in such awful pain I guess.  Honestly, I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.  I might go upstairs for a nap this afternoon.


  1. When my hubby had an abscess, I wasn't very sympathetic (I've never had one) and his tooth was removed. I changed my opinion when a colleague said her abscess pain was worse than childbirth! I felt a bit guilty. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I read the first bit was instantly seeing Are you being served in my minds eye. So glad to read that the tooth is out, a little time and you will be like new. That taste is the anaesthetic, disgusting stuff.

  3. Glad the tooth came out without too much trauma. Enjoy your nap.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I had an abscess when I was 39 weeks pregnant. He refused to give me antibiotics or take the tooth out. He drilled it without anaesthetic to allow it to drain; the dental nurse had to almost pin me into the chair, and I was left with all the infection draining into my mouth and stomach. It was barbaric, and giving birth with no pain relief was a piece of cake after that!

  5. I hope you've been able to sleep - it's a very healing thing, sleep is, and should help you to recover both physically and mentally.

  6. I hope you are feeling easier now my lovely? Hugs, as always. xx


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