Wednesday 13 February 2019

Decluttering and planning

First, a clarification:  It's not our anniversary until May, I only mentioned how long we'd been married to illustrate the fact that we've only ever been out for a meal on Valentine's Day on a handful of occasions in all those years.  Sorry if it was a bit ambiguous.

Husband's out for a couple of hours this morning, leaving me and the dog with some free time.  I think I might do a bit of decluttering upstairs, the wardrobe in the twin spare room is full of clothes we haven't worn in ages, and the top of it is piled up with 'stuff'.  I really need to sort out my craft drawers on the landing too, the yarn is getting a bit mixed up and I need to see exactly what I have left.  

We've decided what we're growing in the way of veg this year, sorted out what seeds we've got and bought ones we didn't have.  Now I need to make a plan of what's going where...and make sure husband sticks to it!  I do this every year, rotating what goes in which raised beds so we don't have the same crops in the same soil, to reduce the risk of disease.  But husband has the annoying habit of forgetting to consult the plan and just sticking things in wherever there's a gap, making a mockery of my carefully thought out crop rotation plan.  Huh.


  1. LOL - We do something very similar, Beth and I. Plan and - er - adapt! It seems to work OK.
    What are you goping to grow?

  2. Morning Sooze

    Your post today has pricked my conscience about decluttering. I keep meaning to make a start, but..... :-(

    Loving this new foodie blog and the ideas to use up, make do and stretch food further. Also, the mention of using pulses/lentils and ideas to incorporate them into meals.

    Hope you are having more good days than bad.

    Take care


  3. Decluttering is an ongoing project here, we both have Magpie tendencies so have to be firm. The yarn does like to mingle when left alone, I have been putting it away in bags and plastic boxes for a while now and it does help. It is my scrappy patchwork stash that keeps me on my toes, I could swear that the pixies invade the sewing room and mix it up every now and then.

  4. Good luck with the decluttering, interested to hear about what you are planing to grow this year. x

  5. Ah...the best made plans - my DH would do just the same. I am still on a decluttering mission over here - should be doing the garage but until today it has either been too cold or we have been bust with new baby and daughter.

  6. You can't beat a bit of decluttering Sooze.


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