Monday, 4 February 2019

Thank you

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments, mum is ok (well, as ok as she can be) and hasn't suffered any lasting ill effects from the colonoscopy or the fall.  She has some bruising and stiffness, of course, but that's all.  She tripped on the edge of a rug, apparently, she's so unsteady on her feet that she could step on a pin and fall over.  We've told her she should make sure she uses her Zimmer frame (she has 2, one up and one downstairs) or stick, of which she has one in every room, when moving around.

She didn't have the CT scan on Saturday after all, she's got that to come in a week or two.  

Things are fairly stable at the moment, thankfully (perhaps I shouldn't say that!).  Anyway, thanks so much, I'll post again if and when there's anything to say.  I just don't feel I want to post much on here, it was getting to the stage where I felt life and this blog was dominated by mum's and our problems, I wanted my focus to be elsewhere, on other more positive things.  And I also feel quite strongly that if real life friends are really interested, then they should get in touch and show genuine personal interest, and not simply read my blog and call that interest.  It's not, it's a cop out.


  1. Honey, it might be an idea to remove rugs, I certainly won't have them in my place since I would be certain to fall over one.

    Sending more hugs...

  2. Hey hun, Glad your Mum is okay - It must have been a worrying time. Just a thought - maybe those that are close to you that read your blog for updates don't know what to say.We found that even family members stayed aloof when hubs sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Some people can't cope with it. But,you should have support from friends etc and hopefully reading your blog they will realise this and get in touch :) Looking forward to your £100 challenge. I also have a Brexit cupboard and allow £150 per month for hubs and me for everything. I am now inspired to try £100 per month! So looking to you for helpful blogs! big *hugs* Goldensunflower x

  3. Very difficult for you with your mum, sounds as though 'your plate is full' I think as a mum and being older I would be grateful that you were in my corner as it were. Good that you feel incensed about things that affect her.
    I know what you mean about friends making personal contact, having that fracture now nearly 4 years ago this last Christmas my Christmas card list was less, as I crossed of everybody that hadn't phoned to see how I was in the previous 2 years although I had phoned them. I decided they weren't friends anymore!


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