Sunday, 3 February 2019

Update on mum

I've had several messages and emails from readers asking about my mother....thank you so much, it's heartwarming to know you all care (which is more than can be said for some people, but that's another story).

So I thought I'd give an update here.  Mum finally had her colonoscopy and CT scan yesterday (on a Saturday, her local hospital is so inundated and behind they have to do weekend and evening appointments to try and catch up), she was in there for over 2 hours, sister who had to wait outside was getting worried.  They got the results straight away, no cancer but she does have diverticular disease and some other relatively minor problems.  The doctor said the diverticular disease would be the cause of mum's stomach pain and diarrhoea, and possibly some occasional sickness, but it can be managed with medication and diet.  She also said that the prolonged and severe sickness and diarrhoea mum had for several weeks was most likely due to a particularly nasty bug, and probably lingered because mum is so weak and run down.

We're relieved it's not cancer, as is mum, but she feels it's just another thing to add to the long list of problems/ailments she already has.  None of them are that serious per se, but combined they all make her feel very unwell indeed and really drag her down and add to her feeling that life isn't worth living anymore.

Unfortunately, a couple of hours after getting home, mum had another nasty fall in her bedroom and couldn't get up, it took my brother, sister and BiL to get her up and onto her bed.  She's got grazed knees (her skin is paper thin and grazes easily), bumps and bruises and was very shaken up, but didn't need or want paramedics this time.  Sister checked her over, gave her some painkillers and sat with her until she went to sleep.  

There's always something to worry about.


  1. Glad things are being done about your mum. My husband had a Saturday appointment, seems to be common practice these day. Least now you know what is wrong with your mum and can sort things to suit the situation

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Thank you for letting us know Sooze, kind of you to take the time. It sounds as if your Mum's diverticulitis can be managed and hopefully, with the right medication, she will feel better soon. At least it now has a name!! So sorry she had another fall, apart from the bumps and bruises this would shake her confidence too. Keeping everything crossed for you all.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I'm glad that it is something that can be managed although another pressure on you all, I guess. I do hope the meds sort out the pain and that she recovers from the shock of the fall. As you say, there's always something.

  4. Such a relief for you to have a diagnosis for your Mum and to know that things can be managed.
    So sorry that she has had a fall. I do hope she recovers soon.

  5. It is hard when you move away, but your sister is wonderful with her care. I'm glad the results were better than expected. Hopefully once spring is here your mum will feel more hopeful.

  6. Glad you have had some answers, sorry to hear about her falling again, wishing her a speedy recovery. xx

  7. Thank you for the update on your Mum. Diverticulitis is unpleasant but manageable and it’s good for you all to know that it’s not cancer. Sorry to hear about the fall and hope the painkillers helped.

  8. Thoughts and prayers
    Thanks for update

  9. So glad your mum has a diagnosis finally. Diverticular disease is not fun when it hasn't been treated and managed. My neighbor has it, she knows her triggers-nuts and seeds. As long as she stays away from and takes her meds. she rarely has a flareup. So sorry your mom had such a bad fall. Hopes she heals and regains her confidence soon.

  10. So pleased your mum is getting the treatment she needs. Before I moved i had several appointments on Sunday mornings because it is such a very, very busy hospital.
    When I had my stroke my children brought me alarm I just had to push it and somebody spoke to me on the phone, you have to pay for it but it's peace of mind.
    Hazel c uk

  11. Pleased to hear your mum has finally had her tests and the news is good on the cancer front. It is quite a battle to get well when you are elderly and run down (my own mum is still suffereing from a cold at Christmas and has not been well since). Hope she recovers from the fall with some good rest.
    PS - nice to hear from you too and I hope you are also well.


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