Friday, 15 February 2019

A mooch around the myself for once

It's been a perfect day today....bit of early morning mist that was soon burnt off by....sunshine!  And warm sunshine at that, really Spring-like.  I'm not under any illusions that Winter is over quite yet, though.  Temperature when we were out earlier was 16 deg, amazing for this time of year.  

Husband had to go to the dentist today, which is just off the town centre, so I got him to drop me off in town so I could have a browse round by myself.  A rare luxury - as I don't drive and there's no public transport, the only way I can get to town is if he takes me, and then he's like a small boy, trailing round after me with a face like a wet week and hands in his pockets, constantly bleating 'are we done yet?'.  Which means it's no fun for me and I feel rushed and get stressed, especially as he constantly exclaims at the price of everything.  "HOW much??".  He lives in the Dark Ages when it comes to prices.  Grrr.  I didn't buy anything except a nice purse (for overseas readers, we call the little zipped or clasped wallet you keep your money in a purse, whereas I think a purse to you means what we call a handbag).  The purse is a little leopard skin one and cost £3 in a charity shop, it looks unused.  But it was just lovely to browse around at my own pace without husband harassing me.

Our Valentine's dinner out last night was....mostly nice, I've written a review on my food blog.  We enjoyed it anyway, it was a rare night out and our friends are good company.


  1. I hate shopping with my husband too... I send him off to find things on my list just to keep him occupied and off my back!!

  2. Glad you got out and had a good mooch around, my husband isn't to bad. So glad you enjoyed your meal.

  3. Shopping with a man in tow is the absolute pits so I do as Bettina does and send mine of to do other things.
    I don't often get time in town on my own but oooh it's bliss when I do.

  4. Are all husband's the same. I rarely like to shop (browse and look around). When we go it is power shopping...see how fast you can move through any store get what is exactly on the list and run out the door. I have no idea what fire is burning under his shoes.

  5. My husband LOOOOOOOVES shopping. He would like us to go every day! The only time we split up is at one particular shopping area there is a huge craft store and a huge electronics store. We each have car keys so when done we just go and sit in the car and wait for the other one!! He'll even sit in the mall if I want to go in a women's store> He's a rare breed in the shopping dept. lol.

  6. Men just don't understand that there are some things a women just wants to buy!


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