Sunday 8 September 2019

Feeling bleurgh

Morning all, I really don't like these dark mornings, just gone 6 am and it's still dark.  I wish we could have consistent days/nights where it gets light and dark at the same time every day!

Minehead yesterday was ok, didn't get anything at all in the charity shops, nothing grabbed me.  All we got was some nuts, herbs and spices in the Grape Tree shop.  Oh well, my money stayed in my purse and I had a bit of exercise.  Sue, there's a junk/antique shop in a side road on the left at the top of the town, just before you get to Wetherspoons, is that the one you mean?  It's been there a long time, I think.  They do have quite an assortment of junk in there, but the proprietor is a bit stingy.....unlike the Bargain Hunt type programmes on TV where the dealers are amenable to bartering, the bloke in there flatly refused to come down in price at all when we asked (politely) the last time we wanted something.  And he was quite blunt and rude about it.  So we didn't buy it!  Must have got out of bed the wrong side.

I continue to feel decidedly under par, I really don't know what's wrong with me, I just have no energy at all lately and have various things going with my body that aren't right.  I could get an earlier appointment with one of the other GPs, but would rather wait and see my own one, I get on well with her and trust her judgement.  We have several locum GPs at our practice, so you never know who you're going to get if you book an urgent appointment.

So today I'm not going to do anything much.  I've already asked husband if he'll cook today (roast chicken), I'm not doing any housework or going anywhere, the heaps of garden produce waiting to be dealt with can wait another day.  I'm going to sit and read, and perhaps do a bit of crafting stuff, think I'll stamp a load of sentiments onto plain white card.  I also have some watercolour pencils I bought the other day, might have a play around with them. 


  1. I hope you are able to have a lovely, restful day today without any aggro of any kind. There's been so much going on for you recently, most of it unwelcomed, that small wonder you are feeling rather rough and listless. I think you're wise to wait to see your own GP - there are times when you need someone who knows you and, as you say, who you really trust.
    Enjoy your crafting.

  2. I think its sounds as though a visit to your GP is a sensible idea. You really could do with a few days of just putting your feet up and reading a nice novel. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Sometimes, a day just pleasing yourself and doing nothing much is the best medicine. I hope you soon feel better. x

  4. Sorry to hear you are still feeling below par,you must be fed up with not being able to get everything sorted health wise. Hope the doctor visit helps.
    Yes that would be the shop, I think we had our first ever visit to a wetherspoons after going in the junk shop. Just remembered it was Minehead where I got a Roberts radio very cheap from a charity shop because it didnt have an electric lead. I just put batteries in it until we found a lead for it at a car boot sale. It's still working!

  5. seeing a different doctor might be a good idea , bit like getting a second opinion on your problems, but of course the decision is yours, i was feeling tired and run down all the time, saw a another doctor, she did blood tests, turned out i had a vitamin D problem , hope things improve for you soon .

  6. Sunday is a day of rest after all - so I think a brilliant idea - I should do the same! Like above could be a vitamin shortage or possibly Thyroid or even iron and the doctor will probably check with a blood test. I spent 18 months with dizziness, my doctor sent me for ear / balance tests and investigations at the local hospital thought it was vertigo or Meniere's disease - but nothing came back conclusive and they couldn't find a cause. I was getting desparate but luckily one day saw a locum at the surgery and she diagnosed a low iron and ran some blood tests - she was right. She did say not many doctors know that low iron can cause dizziness and do not pick up on it. After only one week on iron tablets I felt better and after two months the dizziness went away completely - it wasn't my ears at all! Good luck at the doctors hope things improve with a bit of rest.

  7. I am just cooking our Sunday lunch and then I will be taking a leaf out of your book and having a laid back afternoon doing some sewing.

    I hope the doctor will be able to help you get to the bottom of what is wrong.

  8. Hope you have your restful day, Sooze. A few years ago I had lots of aches and pains and feeling lethargic etc. My doctor ran loads of blood tests. Turns out I low in iron (my doc said my red cells weren't plump enough!) and in bit D. Just needed a course of both.
    You have been so stressed which adds to aches you might already have. So feet up with a good book, enjoy your card making and your roast, hugs xx

  9. I wish I could have you here! You would be able to rest and relax and talk only if you wanted to. Meanwhile, love and hugs are winging their way to you. XOXO


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