Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I've deleted the very personal post, it was only ever meant to be a temporary one, serving a purpose.

I don't normally take much notice of or comment on politics, but oh boy the Government is in total disarray, what a complete and utter shambles.  These people, who are meant to be in charge of running our country, can't even agree or get along with their own colleagues in their own party.  Beggars belief.  And they expect us to vote for them in another election?  Two things particularly struck me.....that Tory MP (no idea of his name) who defected to the other side yesterday - doing it very ostentatiously in the middle of his Prime Minister's rude and bad mannered of him.  And that pontificating idiot from the Dark Ages, Rees-Mogg, pictured lying across one of the benches in Parliament, actually dozing.....what?!  If you or I did that in our office at work, we'd be disciplined.  

Enough of that.

I've given in and made a doctor's appointment, for about 2.5 weeks' time - I could see one of the other GPs sooner than that, but would rather wait and see my own.  My lack of sleep (it's 04.22 and I've been downstairs for the past hour....again), backache and hip pain have all been getting worse for the past few weeks, and persistent gut trouble is affecting me as well.  Seems as though everything I eat is upsetting my digestive system lately, even though I'm only eating plain food and nothing that I haven't cooked myself.  I'm sure a lot of it is stress-related.

Husband's out most of the morning, I had quite a busy day yesterday so will be cardmaking this morning, then we have to go shopping later.  But right now I'm going back to bed, hopefully I'll sleep for another hour or so.


  1. I have precious little time for most of them. A right self-centred, self-seeking, ill-mannered bunch of hypocrites.
    And you're right about the 'pontificating idiot from the Dark Ages' (great name) - the likes of thee and me would be severely disciplined. Bet he isn't though.

    I'm sure you're right, a lot of your pains are likely to be stress related, but it is always wise to check.

    I hope you managed to get some more sleep. xxx

  2. Personally, I would have preferred an all parties led Brexit team, well debated and thought through, (rather than just the government of the time taking charge) to incorporate a wide range of views not just some very resticted ones (but that is just the Quaker in me coming out - at Quaker meetings they listen first to everyone and reach an agreement through consensus - there is no leader imposing a view on them -as a body they also practice what they preach!)- it is such a big, never tried before issue and everyone in the country has their own personal worries about how it will affect them and then of course there are those people who are naturally very cautious and those who are much more impatient and just want to dive in no matter what - too many factors to consider in all this and no one can know without hindsight what is going to be best for the country and that means everyone in the country not just one section of it. All the recent events is certainly bringing out the worst in everyone probably due to the frustration and feelings of exasperation on both sides and then in turn we see some quite 'childish' behaviour appearing. As you say enough said.
    Good idea to go to the doctor - though I dare say when you get some peace from all your troubles your stress levels will ease too and the 'dis-ease' you are feeling now will get better.
    Here's to a better nights sleep.x

  3. Hope you managed to get some more sleep and that you enjoy your crafting day.

  4. A bit of crafting is always a good de-stresser. I'm sure all the aches and pains and sleeplessness are due to all that's going on with you, but as others have said, always best to make sure. I hope you manage to get some good quality sleep. Things always seem less daunting if your body is properly rested. Take care. xx


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